Yves Behar unveils his new intelligent weight machine

the Forme is the new intelligent weight machine imagined by industrial designer Yves Behar. As more and more people are looking for solutions to train at health home as part of overall containment measures, this device is welcome. Shape, a smart mirror with an integrated weight system. It combines the look of the reflective mirror and Tonal pulleys.

Yves Behar plays on design

Like Tonal, Yves Behar's Form uses a hidden resistance system to conceal the weight. So you can perform push, pull and lift exercises from different angles and with different weights. The company has not specified the maximum weight it can bear.

According to CNN, Forme will also be delivered with a few other accessories. There will be a heart rate monitoring and ankle straps for more varieties of movement. When not in use, the arms are stored behind the screen. The other accessories can be stored in a hidden compartment.

And of course, since this is a “smart health connected” training system, it comes with lessons that you can take continuously and the device will automatically adjust the weights that best suit your fitness level. . You can set goals and decide if you want to build muscle and stamina or lose weight over time. Classes also include cardio, strength training, barbell, and yoga.

It's a little difficult to say based on the press photos, but Yves Behar's Fitness will display the instructors on-screen as large as possible so that those who train at health home can measure their fitness.

Yves Behar plays on design

Other devices of this kind exist

This Yves Behar system is also similar to another smart health connected fitness machine, the Tempo. It uses Microsoft's Azure Kinect to track users' movements to correct their shape. Tempo also offers strength training classes, but uses traditional dumbbells that can be stored under the machine when not in use.

Forme is scheduled to launch in fall 2020 and will cost $ 149 per month for 39 months, which includes subscription to both hardware and content.

It is certainly a beautiful machine that combines the principles of everything that exists in the world of smart health connected fitness equipment. But fall 2020 may be a long way off for those hoping to exercise at health home while the gyms are closed due to the pandemic.


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