Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review – A Tool Ideal For Smart Health Fitness

Electric scooters invade the streets big cities like bees colonize fields of flowers in spring. In the space of a few months, they have democratized, multiplied and won the hearts of pedestrians in a hurry in transit. So much so that it is a bit of a war on bitumen as much as it is with the manufacturers who are trying to make the ultimate model. Xiaomi, far from being foreign to this universe, has been offering for some time the Mi Electric Scooter Pro. We give you our impressions in the next few lines.Read our Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review.


  • Mark : Xiaomi
  • model : Mi Electric Scooter Pro
  • category : electric scooter
  • engine power : 300 W
  • max speed : Flanged at 25 hm / h
  • autonomy : Up to 45 km
  • compatibility : Android and iOS
  • connection : Bluetooth
  • weight : 14.2 kg
  • price : 499 euros
  • availability : available


Packed in a big box, the Mi Electric Scooter Pro does not bother with a box supposed to create excitement. The scooter is packed in a few pieces of polystyrene, and has only one desire is to get out. It is folded up and its handlebars are not attached, except by the brake and power cables. It must therefore be screwed to the main structure. The rest of the box contains the power outlet for charging, as well as the various user manuals and legal notices.

Design and ergonomics of the Mi Electric Scooter Pro

This is not the Chinese brand’s first attempt at electric scooters. Xiaomi adds to this new model the mention pro as if to say that they are leaving their amateur status and entering the big leagues. This ambition is already found in the design of the machine. Sober and elegant, the look inspires confidence. In her black dress decorated with a few red tips here and there, her fine lines give her an appreciable racy side.

This does not prevent him from being robust. Its platform can accommodate all types of templates, up to a certain limit all the same (100 to 120 kg). It is large enough to accommodate two people, which the user manual strongly discourages from doing. The wheels are solid, however, and the mudguards protect against possible splashes. Finally, the stand to park it snaps in and stores without difficulty and fulfills its role perfectly.

mid electric scooter pro handlebar

On the central part of the handlebar sits the control screen. Informative, it brings together everything you need to know to ensure relaxed journeys. Speed, battery level or headlight status, all this information is accessible at a glance.

The Mi Electric Scooter Pro is not without its faults, however. We would have liked a little more personalization, like for example ability to adjust handlebar height. And with its 14.2 kg displayed on the scale, it is not easy to transport, even when folded. Moreover, the handles are fixed to the handlebar bar and cannot be folded down to take up less space. This is a detail, but it is still important when you have to use crowded Parisian transport.

Getting started with the Mi Electric Scooter Pro

After a few moments spent on it, you quickly understand why people love it. The simplicity of an instantaneous and effortless movement particular causes a feeling of carefree well-being. In reality not so instantaneous as it still requires a first push before the electric motor takes over. A speed of 5 km / h is requested. Which in the end seems natural and reassuring.

getting started mi electric scooter pro

Getting started is fast, even when you’ve never done it before. The Mi Electric Scooter Pro balances well and is not disturbed by the small roughness of the road. We are talking about cobblestones and small bumps here. This kind of transportation prefers smooth bitumen and in a slightly advanced state of degradation. It’s also best when it’s dry, even if the scooter can handle some humidity. However, the manual does not recommend use in the rain.

Using the Mi Electric Scooter Pro

Three driving modes are available: Eco, Standard and Sport. The first offer simple and relaxed navigation with a speed not exceeding 16 km / h. As its name suggests, it demands less from the battery, unlike the sport mode which consumes resources faster. This makes it possible to arrive at maximum speed, bridled at 25 km / h, in a few moments. About what provide good sensations, knowing that the brakes work well and reassure. Finally, standard mode results in flexible and responsive driving.

Xiaomi announces a range of 45 km on its scooter. The Mi Scooter Electric Pro turns rather around 30 to 40 km. With a light person, in eco mode and with descents on the route, this figure of 45 km can be reached. On the other hand, during normal use and by pushing the engine a little, the battery life logically decreases. It still remains satisfactory. The time to fully charge it is approximately 8 and a half hours.



Note that it is possible to use the Xiaomi health home app to have your mobile phone with some information about the scooter. The battery charge or the speed in real time are made available. Honestly, this is not the advantage of this Mi Electric Scooter Pro


In the urban jungle full of all kinds of motorized vehicles, Xiaomi manages to pull out of the game by offering its electric scooter, the Mi Electric Scooter Pro. Agile, fast and stable, it is made for walking in the streets of cities. She can even do it over long sessions thanks to her good autonomy. However, the machine reaches its limits when you want to take it on public transport. It’s not impossible, but its high weight makes the task complicated. Especially since the settings to change the dimensions are not strong either. Details that we forget as the scooter takes us at full speed to the four corners of the city, ignoring the traffic jams. So there is only a small push to go towards a world of freedom.

Design and Ergonomics : A sober and elegant design. The LCD screen displays all the necessary information. But the handlebars are not adjustable.

Getting started : Easy to handle, even for beginners. Unfortunately, it is heavy and inconvenient to transport.

use : The scooter is fast, stable and brakes well. She also has good autonomy

Quality / Price ratio : For $499 , the scooter offers good value for money. Her pro side is not usurped and she should be successful.

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