Xiaomi Mi body scale 2 smart health connected scale the best value for money

Xiaomi Mi body scale 2 smart health connected scale the best value for money


Xiaomi Mi body scale 2 review the smart health connected scale at the best quality / price ratio 

Xiaomi Mi body Scale 2: smart health connected scale the best quality / price ratio

Here is the second version of the smart health connected bathroom scale of the Chinese giant. More measurements and improved data accuracy.

Mi Body Composition Scale smart health connected scale design

A low price, but a finish that has nothing to envy to products 3 to 4 times more expensive. Here, the surface in contact with your feet is made of polished tempered glass with a non-slip layer.

Unlike other scales, your weight is displayed directly with LEDs. In addition, a light sensor will automatically adjust the lighting for excellent readability (if you do not put it under a lamp). Note that it only displays the weight, the rest of the information is available on your smartphone with the Mi Fit app.

  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm with a thickness of 2.5 cm

It is only offered in White, a very classic choice which uses the codes of traditional scales. It leaves less traces than on the black or color models, but a little less modern and stylish.

The Scale 2 also benefits from the addition of four articulated feet to stabilize the table top, regardless of the type of floor on which it is placed (parquet, tiles or carpet).

Xiaomi Mi Body Scale 2 test

Specifications Xiaomi Mi body

  • Weighing range of 100 grams to 150 kg
  • Graduation per 50 g
  • Measurement units: kg, lb, st lb
  • Until 16 users

The 13 health measures

The Mi Body 2.0 can monitoring up to 16 user profiles (double that of the Withings Body +). It quickly and efficiently recognizes each user thanks to its previous measurements.

  1. Weight and ideal weight (with a margin of error of 50 grams)
  2. Percentage of body fat,
  3. Visceral fat level
  4. Percentage of muscle mass,
  5. Muscular mass
  6. Bone mass
  7. Total percentage of water,
  8. BMI
  9. Protein level
  10. Basal metabolism
  11. Age of your body (as on the Wii console)
  12. Type of body
  13. Overall health score     To retrieve all the measurements, step on the scale, wait for the displayed weight to settle. The scale will then begin the calculation, an LED bar will flash below your weight display to let you know that the data is ready. Finally, open the Mi Fit app on your phone (less than 10 meters from the scale) to view all the results.

It is also possible to weigh food with it.

best connected scale

Connection, compatibility and autonomy

The Mi Body uses a connection Bluetooth 5.0 low power consumption, unlike other models that connect to Wi-Fi. Again, like the rest of the competition it works with 4 AAA batteries for an autonomy of 8 months.

The Mi Body Composition Scale synchronizes your data with the Mi Fit app that can be used with all devices on Android or iOS. The Mi Fit application is also used to synchronize other smart health connected objects for health and physical exercise from Xiaomi or Amazfit:

  • Smartphones, like the Mi9T or the brand new Mi 10 T Pro (a rocket)
  • Bracelets smart health connected like the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 or the Amazfit Band 5
  • watches smart health connected Amazfit Bip or Bip Lite
  • the Balance Mi Body, and you just have to climb on it to pair it with the app
  • and even shoes smart health connected (Mi Smart Shoes, which are difficult to find in France).

Finally, it is possible to integrate the Xiaomi scale into your health home automation house. Jeedom with the BLEA plugin.

Xiaomi Mi body Scale 2 price

She is currently upwind at € 34.5. For the price Xiaomi did not put the 4 AAA batteries necessary for its operation, it will therefore be necessary to add 2 euros more (pack of 12 less than 6 €)

The product has a 2 year warranty. I haven’t had any malfunction in 3 years, and had to replace the batteries every 6 months for 2 regular users.

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Xiaomi Mi body review

If the competition in the field is rather generous, the smart bathroom scale from Xiaomi clearly stands out for its mini price. It is easy to configure and use, in short it does the job.

And yet she offers 13 measures, where more expensive models are limited to 6.

The only thing we can regret is the lack of a Wi-Fi connection. To update your data in the application, you will therefore have to be near your scale. While on the Withings Body (€ 59) or the Fitbit Aria Air you will directly have some data displayed on the screen.

In the end, if you don’t already have a Fitbit, Garmin or Withings smart health connected watch or bracelet, you have every interest in choosing this model, and with 30 € more you buy a Band 5 smart health connected bracelet.



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