Xiaomi Lockbook Pro your diary secured by your fingerprint

Xiaomi Lockbook your personal diary secured with a key by fingerprint for 60 days.

Xiaomi Lockbook Pro your diary or secure notebook with your fingerprint

Price: 39 € (not sold outside of China) | Xiaomi (China)

Once again, Xiaomi surprises us with one of its smart health connected products for sale on the Chinese site Youpin. This time we are faced with a diary which, beyond its main function, incorporates a fingerprint sensor for unlocking and opening.

Indeed, we sometimes want or need to write down secrets or confidential elements in a notebook. With always the risk that it is consulted by the wrong person. Xiaomi therefore offers a modern version of this traditional accessory. I find it keeps the spirit of a book a bit magical.

Design and format of the smart health connected notebook

In the style of notebooks from Moleskine, Xiaomi offers two finishes for its diary cases with electronic fingerprint closure. Thus, for the launch, it is available in heather or forest green frieze. Personally, I would have fallen for a more traditional model in leather or even in wood.

The choice of the little one B6 format (125 x 176 mm) allows you to replace the original notebook provided or to place your current diary there. Its small size makes it very practical to take everywhere or slide out of a drawer.

Finally, the diary includes pockets where you can store business cards, credit cards and other fine content to store, as well as a slot for placing a pen.

The original Xiaomi Lockbook Pro notebook sheets are made of high quality, smooth, non-wrinkled double wood pulp paper.

Feature Xiaomi Lockbook

The Xiaomi smart health connected diary is equipped with a 160 mAh battery, rechargeable via a micro USB / USB port. This ensures autonomy that allows up to 10 unlocks per day for 2 months without needing to recharge it.

In addition, the fingerprint recognition system guarantees high security for the device. The fingerprint is scanned in 0.5 seconds and can be performed 360 ° by placing the attached finger at any angle.

Xiaomi lockbook pro lock connects diary

Xiaomi Lockbook Pro price and release date

Xiaomi’s fingerprint-opening diary is available for crowdfunding on the Chinese YouPin site for 299 yuan. We could therefore find it in import around 39 euros at the current exchange rate.

Marketing, for now, is intended for the Chinese market only. But, specialized importers like GearBest, Banggood or Aliexpress could quickly offer it to us for purchase in France.

You can change the inner notebook with a diary or weekly planner, with price below 15 €.

Xiaomi Lockbook Pro Diary Reviews

As usual with the giant of smart health connected objects from the Middle Kingdom, the price is low. A very nice gift idea that makes you want to write or draw on paper, even to the most technophile.


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