Xiaomi Haylou Solar a smart health connected watch under 40 €

Xiaomi Haylou Solar a smart health connected watch under 30 $, incredible autonomy with all the features of a smart health watch.

Xiaomi Haylou Solar a real smart health connected watch under 30 $

GearBest | Haylou (Xiaomi China) | User review 4.87 / 5

Above all, at the risk of disappointing you, it is important to point out that despite its name, the Haylou Solar is not a watch that runs on solar energy. But, its autonomy is impressive at this price.

Design Xiaomi Haylou Solar

This new smart health connected watch follows the same minimalist philosophy as Xiaomi’s design. The single button on the right side of the round watch face did not bother me at all. On the contrary, it reminded me of modern watches from much more famous brands.

  • 1.28 ″ TFT display with 240 x 20 px resolution
  • 4.53 cm round dial
  • Water resistant IP68 standard
  • Interchangeable 22 mm silicone strap

The steel watch face features a color display 1.28 inch TFT with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. While not a high-end display, considering the price tag and the primary information display function, it turns out to be a solid display with a superb 30-day battery life.

More importantly, the watch is particularly light with a weight of 54 g (bracelet included). It almost feels like wearing a Xiaomi Mi Band. The original strap is made of silicone, which allows me to wear the watch for long periods of time, even during sweaty workouts, without any discomfort.

The Haylou Solar is waterproof and dustproof (IP68). It is sweat and rain resistant and allows you to wear it for all your activities, whatever the weather. However, it is not advisable to use it for swimming or diving.

Specifications Xiaomi Haylou Solar

Despite the lack of Wi-Fi, the Haylou Solar is equipped with Bluetooth 5 which allows you to synchronize it with an Android or iOS mobile (iPhone).

  • Smartphone connection in Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery 340 mAh

The watch has an incredible 30-day battery life in standby mode. But, if you activate the continuous heart rate monitoring, autonomy remains for 15 days without needing to recharge it on its basis. A full recharge is done in 1h30.

Features: the essential is there!

  • Display of notifications from your smartphone on the watch screen.
  • The watch also supports basic commands of the music player, which can come in handy during exercise.
  • The official application is able to synchronize data fromApple Health.
  • monitoring cardiac frequency, with warnings or suggestions for your activities.
  • Number of steps, distance covered and calories burned.

Other functions are also present:

  • Respiratory training for reduce stress.
  • Ring your phone to find it.
  • Forecasts meteorological.
  • Stopwatch.
  • monitoring of 12 sports.

Xiaomi Haylou Solar activity monitoring

The Haylou Solar allows the tracking of 12 sports, energy consumption during exercise is not disturbed, without fear of flowing sweat or splashing rain.

  • Outdoor running, walking, treadmill running
  • Bike, exercise bike
  • Climbing,
  • Yoga, gymnastics
  • Rowing,
  • basketball, football,
  • and a free training mode

Activity and sleep tracking

You can, according to your desires, select the appropriate scientific planning mixing time of exercise and intensity of the program. Just watch your watch by turning your wrist to view your data in real time.

And to facilitate a healthier lifestyle, the watch has a built-in heart rate sensor that monitors the heartbeat 24 hours a day. It detects any underlying heart problems and adjusts indoor exercise recommendations accordingly.

In addition, like most more expensive smartwatches, it allows manage sleep and know what is going on during the night. But of course you will have to wear it all night.

Xiaomi Haylou Solar price and availability

The biggest question about the Haylou Solar is its price. Currently, at this price, there is no real smartwatch, but smart health connected bracelets. There are thus similar products in terms of on-board technology, but in a much less aesthetic format than the Solar.

So yes, the price of the international version imported from China is a very good deal for those who wish to equip themselves at a very low price without choosing a bracelet. Indeed, the Haylou Solar is marketed at a price of $ 28.80 on the very good site GearBest.

Haylou Solar Xiaomi features

Haylou Solar competition

At this price, no other smart health connected watch can compete, but you can look at the latest generation bracelets to find similar functions:

cheap smart bracelets choice

Xiaomi Haylou Solar review

Xiaomi Haylou Solar the truly smart health connected watch at a low price

  • Design – 8.6 / 10

  • Features – 7.8 / 10

  • Connectivity – 7.8 / 10

  • Battery life 15 days – 9.1 / 10

  • Quality / Price Ratio – 9.9 / 10

8.6 / 10

Xiaomi Haylou Solar review

A real smart health connected watch that offers all the functions of a smart health watch at the price of a smart health connected bracelet. Personally, I find its clean look perfect for a daily wear watch.

We will choose it for its classic style, its lightness and its price $ 36. But, we will keep it for its incredible 15-day battery life with heart rate and sleep monitoring activated.


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