Xiaomi body composition scale review -a complete and accessible connected smart scale

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Offer the same specificities as the biggest ones while selling at a lower price: Xiaomi applies its good recipes to the world of connected scales. The Xiaomi Body Composition Scale makes its debut in the lab!

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Xiaomi Body Composition Scale, 10 Precise Body Data Points, Store up to...

Last update was on: January 21, 2021 11:18 am


Appeared about ten years ago with the Withings brand impedance meters, connected scales laid the foundations of the 2.0 house. Thanks to an application, they allow you to precisely follow the curve of your weight, but also to set goals. Many manufacturers have embarked on the adventure, such as Terraillon with its Web Coach and R-Link scales, but also sports brands such as Fitbit and its Aria connected scale, and even Runtastic with the Libra. But all these steadfast manufacturers have had to face the offensive of exotic brands that have invaded the market with connected scales generally sold at half the price. Xiaomi’s arrival on this market with its Mi Body Composition Scale, sold for around € 35, will not change the situation. Whether it is worth it remains to be seen.

Design / Ergonomics

The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale connected scale stands out from most of its competitors in terms of design. Where its rivals opt for a glass top (white or black), Xiaomi comes forward with a finely textured white plastic top.

Its format of 30 x 30nbsp; cm could not be more classic. Resting on four non-slip rubber feet, it is only 2nbsp; cm thick (1.47 cm at its thinnest part). Displayed with four stainless steel electrodes, it weighs 1.6nbsp; kg and enjoys a rigorous aesthetic.

Its manufacture is exemplary and its finishes impeccable. The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale dispenses with a visible screen. Instead, an “invisible” LCD display based on ledsnbsp ;: the numbers appear under the tray as soon as you step on it. It works with four LR03 / AAA batteries (not included) and the Mi Fit application (iOS / Android) with which it communicates in Bluetooth 4.0. Our scale recognizes up to 16 user profiles. Large families are warned!


The association with our smartphone is carried out from the first weighing. Application open, the scale displays the weight. This is found simultaneously on the smartphone screen.

Attention: unlike a Wi-Fi scale which will automatically save the data to the cloud, this Bluetooth scale requires the simultaneous use of its smartphone so that the weighings are duly recorded. This is the constraint imposed by Bluetoothnbsp ;! The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale measures weight, body mass index (BMI), bone mass, body fat, visceral fat rate. It does not measure the heart rate, a data which, taken when you get up, is nevertheless very important and allows you to warn of possible cardiovascular disorders.

The non-slip plastic tray of our scale is pleasant to touch (you can weigh yourself with wet feet when you get out of the shower) and the display is perfectly readable. The weight is saved as soon as the displayed digits stop flashing. It is necessary to stay three more seconds on the Xiaomi scale for all the measurements to be carried out. The scale is usable up to 150nbsp; kg. It is strangely a little less than the majority of connected scales which point up to 180nbsp; kgnbsp ;: a question of resistance, no doubt. The measurements we have taken are exact and correspond to that of a Withings Body scale that we are used to using.

Unlike the classic scales with glass pan which are real dust traps, the Mi Body Composition Scale does not get dirty in the same way. Dust and hair are much less visible on its surface. The nature of its coating, however, suggests that by dint of being used, it will end up getting a little dirty.


Xiaomi signs a well-rounded application. Perfectly translated, it provides access to measurements through colorful, clear and user-friendly screens. On the application, we find the traditional weight curves and other progress made. But the most interesting thing is the report delivered by the app which establishes the user’s situation vis-à-vis that of other users of the same age, size and sex (“lighter than 6 % of users “, for example). It can be encouraging during a regime to be able to compare its results within an equal scope.

A clear interface with which you can associate other Xiaomi products, such as an activity tracker.

Note: the possibility of “weighing baby”. To do this, it suffices first of all to weigh yourself without your child and to record the data; a bit like evaluating a tare. Then, you can weigh yourself with your baby in your arms: the scale will only display the weight of the toddler who will benefit, like his mom or dad, from his own measurement curve.

A very good value for money.
Aesthetics and manufacturing quality.
Relevance of the measures.
Simple and interesting application.

Connectivity via Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi.
No heart rate measurement.


With its Mi Body Composition Scale, Xiaomi has managed to create a device that is simple, aesthetic, reliable and has a convincing application system. There is no doubt that it may hurt competing products a bit given its excellent value for money. Despite everything, we remain followers of Wi-Fi scales which do not force the user to keep his smartphone with him when weighing himself. The cheapest in this area is the Withings Bodysuit, sold for $ 59.

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Xiaomi Body Composition Scale, 10 Precise Body Data Points, Store up to...

Last update was on: January 21, 2021 11:18 am

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Xiaomi body composition scale review -a complete and accessible connected smart scale
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