Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro the smart health connected lock handle

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro the handle lock smart health connected by Rodolphe Degandt

Date of last modification: Apr 21, 2019

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro the smart health connected handle

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has just launched better than a traditional smart health connected lock, its second version of a door handle smart health connected as Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro.

I am simply amazed by the quality of this product and its functionalities, even if it requires to be a minimum handyman to put it (everything is provided for the installation).

Design of the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro

The first impression is excellent when opening the packaging, the handle is covered by a protective film and the design is flawless. When you get started, you realize that you have real good stuff in titanium, the whole is massive and weighs more than 4 kilos. Note the large overall height which may not be suitable for all doors.

  • Dimensions (L x W xh): 37.55 x 7.55 x 2.50 cm
  • Weight of 4.27 kg

The area for the fingerprint sensor is perfectly integrated and well placed for very natural use with the thumb.

Xiaomi smart lock door s2 Aqara unboxing

Features: 3 opening choices

3 unlocking methods :

  • Digital print,
  • Digicode
  • or key

The fingerprint opening system is particularly well designed since it allows you to accept your finger in all positions (360 °). But, what impresses most is its unlocking speed which activates in just 0.5 seconds.

Beautiful, but also secure

In terms of security, the Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro adopts a standard 6068 barrel (which can be found at Vachette). The barrel is provided with an anti-drilling part and an anti-crushing and anti-theft design.

The Aqara S2 Pro has eight alarm sensors to monitoring tampering attempts directly on the handle. So if someone tries to force the lock, an alarm sounds immediately and you receive a notification on your smartphone. And you can also associate a scenario with it, such as the entrance lights turn red, the indoor siren goes off, the blinds close…

Simple installation, but for handyman or to entrust to a professional

The kit is complete to carry out the installation. Here, it’s not just a matter of changing the cylinder.

So let’s be clear, we will have to place the new lock box in the door. So, you must start by removing the existing lock case, it is quite simple and achievable by all (unscrew then remove the handles, then unscrew the headrest and finally remove the case).

Then, the most delicate is your handyman skill to adapt the size of the lock housing to the new case (higher than the classic models in France). You can watch this tutorial by Leroy Merlin to give you an idea of ​​what you will have to do.

In addition, if you have a rough door, you have templates to guide you. The disadvantage is that the format of the part to be built-in is not in French standard. The same goes for the strike which uses 1 closing bolt plus 4 locking bolts.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro installation

You can quickly change the right opening to the left opening depending on the configuration of your door (including the axis of the closing strike). This must be done before fitting the lock box.

The system works with conventional batteries, the storage is easily accessible on the inside of the door and the replaceable batteries. This is where the button is located to reset the programming completely if necessary.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Connectivity

The lock handle connects in Zigbee. Xiaomi has chosen not to make this new version accessible via the Wi-Fi network remotely to avoid any risk of security breach. You will therefore not be able to open the door to your health home on the other side of the world. But, you can give the code to your guest.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro app mi home

With the Mi health home app, you have access to many possibilities:

  • Opening / closing notifications
  • User Management,
  • automation parameters,
  • charge level…

Associated via the Xiaomi or Aqara gateway, the opening can trigger the lighting, an alarm, the camera, the opening of the curtains.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro connection hub

Price Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro

The pro version was launched in China 2499 yuan ($ 359). You will find it with Chinese importers that I regularly present to you:

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock S2 Pro review

This smart health connected lock handle product is certainly the most successful to date in terms of design, functionality and security. In addition, it is cheaper than most solutions that are limited to changing the cylinder, or worse to turn a key mechanically.

However, in China an installation service is offered as an option. So locksmith friends or members of the French Federation of health home Automation, I invite you to leave a comment if you can offer your services to install this superb smart health connected accessory for housing security (at a reasonable price). Otherwise, book it for experienced DIY enthusiasts (or friends of DIY enthusiasts).


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