Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR 47 MM combines autonomy and screen resolution, BEST Price OF THE MOMENT

The Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 47mm connected watch is the best seller of the moment. It’s an aesthetic smartwatch that reconciles city watch and sports watch.

It is a hit because of its very comprehensive functions including tracking 12 sports with GPS and an autonomy that exceeds 24 days. And above all it is beautiful with its leather and silicone strap.

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Amazfit GTR Lite 47mm Smartwatch, 24-Days Battery Life, 5 ATM Waterproof Ceramics...

Last update was on: December 2, 2020 12:42 pm
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Amazfit GTR Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch,All-Day Heart Rate Monitor, Daily Activity Tracker Rate...

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Last update was on: December 2, 2020 12:42 pm
$109.99 $139.99

Characteristic curve Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR 47 mm

1.39 inch touch screen
Resolution 454 * 454
Dial thickness 10.75 mm
Strap width 22mm
Weight 36g
Water resistant 5 ATM
410mah battery
Number of sports 12
Cardiac sensors, altimeter, barometer
Smartphone Bluetooth 5.0 link
Number of dials 36
Reception Notifications Yes
Amazfit application, IOS / ANDROID
24 days autonomy
JPEG – 246.6 kb

Xiaomi dominates the world of low cost activity tracker bracelets and smartwatches with the Mi Band and the Amazfit watch series (Bip, Stratos and Verge). Their latest creation is more ambitious, sporting a more refined design and materials.

The technical sheet has something to seduce: 24 days of battery life with an AMOLED display of 454 × 454 pixels. Good news for all those waiting for the renewal of the Stratos.

Will the Amazfit GTR be to Xiaomi what the Fenix ​​is ​​to Garmin?

Introducing the Amazfit GTR

As is done more and more, the Amazfit GTR is available in 2 versions:

47mm case (the large model, same size as the Fenix ​​5)
42mm case
Samsung has declined its Galaxy Watch in 2 models of size 46 and 42mm,

Then, the 47mm version is itself available in 3 versions, depending on the metal used for the case:

stainless steel
To all this, we must also add a special edition 47mm titanium “Iron man”. Small clarification: this is not a reference to the long distance triathlon but to the Marvel …

The volume available inside the cases implies different characteristics for these 2 watches.

Amazfit advertises weights that I think are so low that I guess they don’t take into account the weight of the bracelet. The weight of the cases alone therefore ranges from 36g for the 47mm aluminum version to 48g for the 47mm steel and 40g for the 47mm titanium version. The 42mm version is advertised at 25g, which makes me think it could be plastic (and still without the weight of the strap).

The screen is not the same either. But whatever the version considered, it has something to make the Fenix ​​5 (240 × 240 pixels) pale. The GTR has an AMOLED display, that is to say bright and with a nice contrast, of 454 × 454 pixels on the 47mm and 390 × 390 pixels on the 42mm.

There, Amazfit went further than Samsung on the Galaxy Watch, which was equipped with a 360 × 360 pixel display.

The other big difference that stems from the size of the case is the size of the battery, and therefore the runtime.

The Stratos already showed great autonomy in its time. But here, Amazfit goes even further by announcing record autonomy for the world of connected watches.

The GTR 47mm is announced to have 24 days of autonomy in connected watch use and 40 hours in GPS recording. The GTR 42mm is announced at 12 days of autonomy in connected watch use and 22 hours in GPS recording.

Autonomy in GPS use is not that impressive. It has even become fairly standard since all manufacturers source their GPS chips from Sony. But the 24 days in a connected watch are downright impressive. Even if we must remain cautious about these theoretical figures (the real autonomy will depend on the use and the activated features), we must compare that to the 2 days of autonomy of the Apple Watch or to the 7 days of the Galaxy Watch. .

The interface combines the touch screen and 2 buttons on the right side.

There are still relatively few details on the sports features, apart from the presence of a GPS / GLONASS chip, an alti baro, the sensors necessary for daily activity monitoring and a water resistance to 50m.

There is a Bluetooth connection that will allow you to receive smart notifications, but no Wifi.

Despite this, it integrates well connected features such as a music player, a weather widget and an NFC chip for contactless payment.

Amazfit GTR 47mm best price

Amazfit is resuming its usual go-to-market strategy, starting with marketing its connected watches in the Chinese market (which is already enough to sell millions of copies) before expanding their marketing worldwide.


The Stratos has been a real hit in the connected sports watch market. But since then, the Verge, Bitp 2 and Verge 2 have not capitalized on its strengths (battery life, screen resolution, Firstbeat physiological measurements, price).

I think it would be wrong to get carried away with the news of this Amazfit GTR.

In my opinion, it’s more of an evolution of the Verge, with a better finish (especially in the choice of materials). This is a series of connected watches made more to compete with the Galaxy Watch than the Fenix ​​5. Sporting capabilities will not be at the same level at all. Garmin has boosted the sporting capabilities of its watches for 2 years, while Amazfit has gone the other way by removing the Firstbeat algoes that were present on the Stratos and have disappeared from the Verge.

This is a different strategy from Coros, which is attacking the sports watch market, while Amazfit is attacking the smartwatch market.


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