Withings Timeless Chic Full Review

When we think of an activity tracker, we often think of its very rectangular bracelets. Or Garmin products, very sporty. How to combine a chic style with an activity tracker? To overcome this problem, Withings, a French company is the reference. With its elegant and efficient trackers, like the Steel HR. Today it’s their latest creation, the Timeless Chic, to pass into our hands.Read our Withings Timeless Chic Review to discover more.

Timeless Chic Unboxing

In the packaging, we find the main box, very simple and minimalist. No need for more, the French brand makes it simple and fair. A gray felt cover protects the watch during transport. We also have an effective multi-language getting started guide. We obviously find the watch, black in color.

The model is 38mm in diameter, one size, in brushed steel. Obviously, it is available in several models: black & silver dial with a black bracelet (that of the Review), white & silver dial with a blue bracelet as well as the blue & rose gold dial version with a blue bracelet.

The functionalities of the Withings Timeless Chic

Although elegant, the watch nevertheless remains an activity tracker! First, your daily monitoring of the number of steps taken. The watch face has a hand and a 0 to 100% circle to follow the progress of your daily goal. Coupled with Withings’ Health Mate app for Android or iOS, tracking is very precise. There is a daily, weekly and monthly view of the objective.

Regarding the daily step goal, it is the user who chooses the number of steps to take per day, via the application. Second strong point of the watch, its advanced sleep monitoring. Allowing you to view your different sleep phases, this allows you to know the quality of sleep.

The “Depth” tab is particularly interesting, since it reveals the phases of deep or light sleep, allowing you to know whether the night was really restful or not. The regularity of sleep is the comparison of the hours of sleeping and getting up. Again, you have the option of having a daily, weekly or monthly view. An “alarm clock” functionality is present. By choosing a time slot, for example 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., the watch will wake you up at the best time of your cycle by vibrating. Be careful though to think about putting a second alarm clock to be sure not to stay in bed, the vibrations of the watch are still slight.

Withings Timeless Chic

Also a sports watch, it is possible to couple the Withings app with other apps like RunKeeper, Health, MyFitnessPal … in order to have the best possible tracking. However, the watch automatically detects sports activity beyond 2 minutes of activity. Thus, during a jogging for example, you will find all the essential information as well as the GPS track on the application of the watch.

Very effective in monitoring activity, the Timeless Chic remains primarily a watch. Classy and easy to wear, does it synchronize via your phone to set the time? Thus, there is no need to turn the dial to adjust the product. The watch has an autonomy of 18 months announced, a simple visit to a jeweler-watchmaker will allow you to change the battery.


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