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Smart health connected Withings thermometer Complete Review

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Thermo is a temporal thermometer with 16 infrared sensors that provides a medically­approved measurement in 2 seconds while also synchronizing with your smartphone to better monitor the health of the whole family.<br /> High precision: HotSpot SensorTM Technology. 16 infrared sensors provide a...

Thermometers have existed since the 16th century. After so many years and many sectors, they too have evolved. Today, Withings, which belongs to the Nokia group, presents its “Thermo”, two awards at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. As its name suggests, it’s a thermometer. It has the distinction of connecting with your smartphone to follow the patient and give accurate results.Read our smart health thermometer withings thermometer review.

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Connection: WiFi or Bluetooth
Compatibility: iOS and Android
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Tested with: iPhone 5s


Unboxing of Thermo  Withings

First of all, the packaging is cardboard classic, but white with a nice blue and green. On the front, we find the image of the famous Thermo Withings. On the slices are the product features and small fun images. The back side, it also displays features that we will see later. Let’s continue and find out what’s in this package.

Opening the box from above, we discover a box entirely decorated with white equipped with a small black tongue. It opens like a book and we can not help but notice that the right slice is magnetized. It allows the upper side to fall back and stay in place.

thermo box

Once the cabinet is open, we simply find the Withings thermometer comfortably embedded in its cardboard support with a transparent strap to hold it in place. Inside the upper face, a small envelope contains the green quick installation guide and a user manual. The first is in several languages ​​but for the second, it will be an opportunity to review your English classes.

thermo open box

In terms of ergonomics, the packaging is rather successful, at the same time, it does not contain many elements. On the other hand, if it is intended for your children they can easily put the thermometer back in place, just put it in its recess. Nothing’s easier.

Design and ergonomics

The Withings Thermo is 11.6 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. If the cupboards in your bathroom are already full, its small size will allow it to slip almost everywhere. Its weight of 75 grams will not disturb the organization of your mountains of shampoos.

thermo face 1

The Withings Thermo is entirely white apart from the bright green flexible cap. After the head of the product, the diameter thins and has, on one side, a small white button. On the opposite side, a thin plate hides the two LR03 batteries which will power the device. Little more, the cover is equipped with a small magnet to clip easily against the feeding part.

open thermo

After removing the bright green cap, we discover a recess a few centimeters of the same color. At the bottom, is a small reflective ball. We guess it’s the probe that’s supposed to take your temperature.

The Withings brand is simply present near the product’s head but does not disturb the rather simple design, but attractive.

Using the Withings Thermo

The Thermo is a smart health connected temporal thermometer that makes a measurement from thetemporal artery smart health connected to the heart by the carotid artery. The result is more precise.

The method proposed by Withings is the simplest that exists. Simply remove the bright green cap and, after pressing the single button, to sweep horizontally the thermometer from the middle of the forehead to the temple. You can put it directly on the skin, but it is still possible to hold the Thermo to one centimeter of your skull.

thermo cap

This non-contact use is more hygienic compared to conventional thermometers that enter the rectum, mouth or underarm. This can be effective for particularly fragile infants. Let’s be honest, it’s always better to not get in there either.

Thermo is silent, it emits only a vibration at startup and then a double vibration at the end of the measurement. This makes the temperature is displayed directly on the edge of the Thermo with an LED strip. By sliding his finger on the touch surface behind the LEDs, the result can be assigned to a typical user. We scroll the list of names from bottom to top and just press the button in front of the right profile to couple the temperature.

The thermometer can alert the user. Depending on your age, a green, orange or red light comes on. The first for an absence of fever, the second for a moderate and the last for a high.

thermo name

To facilitate the taking of temperature, some recommendations are to be respected. The user and the Thermo must be submitted to the same room temperature during 15 minutes before measurement. During the same quarter of an hour, of course you should notphysical exercise under penalty of altering the result. It is also advisable for moms to wait as long between breastfeeding and measurement. Withings recommends taking three in a row on infants under three months of age and, if there is a difference, relying on the highest measurement. Skin must be dry, without sore or irritation. Finally, it is better to have previously removed the hair from your forehead, if of course, you have left.

Features of Thermo com Withings

The axillary and rectal thermometers are considered as the usual references, the measurement being able to be influenced by the outside temperature and the aim of the user. To counter this, the Thermo integrates “HotSpot Sensor” technology. 16 infra-red sensors take more than 4000 measures at each temperature rise to raise the hottest point in just two seconds.

standing thermo withings thermometer review

The accuracy is then to the nearest tenth of a degree between 35.5 ° C and 43.2 ° C. An algorithm then takes over and corrects the factors likely to alter the measurement as the ambient temperature.

Withings warns that it is still possible to obtain slightly different measurements with those of conventional thermometers. The manufacturer assures that this is perfectly normal and insists that Temperature measurement from the temporal artery is the most reliable method.

As you surely noticed during the unboxing, the packaging did not contain accessories, no cord to charge the Thermo. Nothing alarming, they are not necessary since the thermometer is powered by two LR03 batteries, already supplied in the device. The user manual provides for 2 to 3 years the battery life. The thermometer, it is guaranteed one year for a lifetime of 5 years.

thermo stack

Small flat, the Thermo is not waterproof. With storage rather for the bathroom, there is always a risk that the product falls into a sink or a full bath.

Withings Thermo Application

The Thermo application is available under iOS or Android. After downloading it, you need to create an account that requires some data such as sex, date of birth, weight and height. The start of the device is very simple, just follow the directions that appear on the screen of your smartphone. A tutorial explains in pictures everything you need to do.

The app automatically sends the temperature readings to your smartphone with the Wireless where the Bluetooth. It allows the user to create up to 16 different profiles customizable with colors and photos. Convenient if a child has passed on the disease to the whole family. A diary lists fever episodes that are also visible in the calendar.

Thermo App offers the user to provide contextual information related to the statements, such as symptoms or medications administered. Notifications can be scheduled to send, to whom you wish, reminders of measurement.

That’s not all, Thermo is still smart with advice and information. The application informs the symptoms or the drugs of certain pathologies. Small cards give diagnoses while waiting for a consultation with your doctor.

Against competition

To obtain the famous Thermo Withings, it will cost $ 69. The price may seem expensive for a simple thermometer would you say, but it can be used a lot of times in the same day without any specific manipulation. Do not forget, that unlike the tensiometer of the same brand, Thermo has received the CE certification issued to medical devices in Europe, and has been validated by the FDA in the United States. It can thus be used for the purpose of performing diagnostics, just like conventional thermometers found in pharmacies.

On the market is also Visiomed with its Thermoflash ranging from thirty dollars to fifty or so according to the versions. On the other hand, it does not connect with your smartphone and does not allow a personalized follow-up. The Flo thermometer, which the editorial staff has already mentioned, provides the same type of information as the Thermo but its autonomy is 6 months.

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Smart health connected Withings thermometer Complete Review
Smart health connected Withings thermometer Complete Review
$69.97 $99.95
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