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Withings Steel HR Sport Review -a smart health watch optimized for sports

While the market for smart health connected watches and bracelets is in full swing, French group Withings continues to stand out by proposing products focused on the health and medical aspect. Today, we wrote the Withings Steel HR Sport reviews, a smart health connected watch optimized for sports

Withings Steel HR Sport, Black - Multisport Hybrid Smartwatch - Heart rate tracking, Connected GPS, Notifications - Withings Official Store

Steel HR Sport – Multi-Sport Hybrid Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitoring This durable water-resistant stainless steel watch delivers heart rate, Connected GPS, Fitness Level ...
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Withings Steel HR Sport: A discreet and efficient design

While generally smart health connected objects tend to have a very conspicuous design, this is not the case at all Withings Steel HR Sport. With its black and white colors, this watch focuses on discretion. Good to know, there are two dial colors. One model is equipped with a standard white dial, and the other sports a black dial, which makes it even more discreet.

The dial of this SmartWatch is divided into three parts: The main part shows the time. On the lower part, a small dial indicates the progress of the daily step goal. Finally, on the upper part, we find a monochrome screen, which displays basic information as well as notifications.

To the right of the dial, we find the one and only button of the watch. It allows us to interact with this SmartWatch without having to go through the application.

The watch comes with an extremely flexible plastic strap. The first sensation can surprise, we are far from watches with much stiffer bracelets (leather, plastic, …). However, once the watch is equipped, we do not feel any noticeable difference with a more standard bracelet.

Regarding aspects of size and size, we end up with a light rise that weighs only 50 grams. The dial of the watch him, does not measure than 13mm high. A compact watch that integrates perfectly with the objectives of an athlete.

Simplified use to the maximum

As we have seen, the Withings Steel HR Sport has only one interaction button. Added to that that the watch is not tactile, actions that can be done directly from this SmartWatch are quite limited. To make the most of this smart health connected little companion, it will be imperative to go through the Health Mate app!

However, some simple actions remain feasible without a phone. For example, pressing the button for the first time will display the date and time. Then, with another pressure, it is possible to pass different menus. This is where we find basic information such as heart rate, the number of socks or calories burned.

Finally, with a long press on the button, we come to another menu, optimized for sport. From this menu, it is possible to start a sports activity. This will automatically start a timer on the watch and your phone will receive a notification from the app.


The ease of use, it is also found on the side of the battery. Indeed, the Withings Steel HR Sport can hold about a month without being recharged ! And with its small charging base, it is very easy to take the charger in his bag.

Health Mate: The app that goes with your watch!

If the watch turns out to be very accurate, it can not be exploited to the maximum without its Health Mate app. Available on the Play Store and the App Store, Health Mate offers a complete and effective report after having synchronized with the data recorded by the Withings Steel HR Sport. It therefore requires a Bluetooth connection to work with the phone. But do not panic, the watch does not have to be constantly smart health connected to the phone for data records. Internal storage keeps the data until the next synchronization! Be careful though, the watch does not carry a GPS sensor.

The Withing Health Mate app

The application is very convenient and easy to use. The log tab informs us of the latest data collected by the watch from a chronological point of view. It includes steps, sleep, heart rate and physical activity.

By selecting a data item, we access the details of the data. For example, by clicking on the heartbeat, we access an online histogram that informs us of our heart rate throughout the day.

For sleep quality data, there is also a detailed view showing the regularity or depth of sleep.

Notifications: An aspect a little behind

We just saw it, body data recorded by the watch are very accurate and well put forward. But this watch also has an aspect smart health connected to applications. Indeed, when receiving a message or a call, the watch will vibrate and will display the corresponding or the beginning of the message on the small dial.

This feature is useful for call notifications, but it is quite limited. The screen is not touch, the messages will scroll from right to left on the small dial, but it is not really possible to read them optimally.

Where the bracelets smart health connected brands Honor or Xiaomi stand out by their effectiveness in receiving notifications, the Withings Steel HR Sport is a bit of a pain.

However, this is not the heart of the product, nor even the main purpose of the watch. This watch wants to be optimized from a body data point of view, not for notifications. And even though it is more difficult to read a message on the watch than a smart health connected bracelet, in the end, the result remains the same: We end up taking our phone to answer a message or a call.

Conclusion: Withings Steel HR Sport, a solid reference!

In short, Withings Steel HR Sport stands as a solid reference in the SmartWatch market. With a design oriented on the medical aspect, this watch will seduce athletes who want to take a little more interest in their physical condition. Available at 199 € on Amazon, the watch is still a significant investment despite a high quality finish.


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