Withings Body + the scale integrated into the smart health connected health ecosystem

Withings Body + Review review of the smart scale integrated into the French brand’s smart health connected health ecosystem.

Withings Body + the scale integrated into the smart health connected health ecosystem

Price: € 99 | Withings (France – 2008)

Designed in France, the Withings Body + smart health connected scale is the ideal companion for monitoring your general health and not just your weight. Personally, I have been using a Withings smart health connected scale for more than 3 years with satisfaction, at the time sold under the Nokia Body brand.

A complete ecosystem for monitoring your health

Why use a smart scale? While your traditional scale gives you your weight each time you step on it, the smart health connected version allows you to record its data in a smartphone application and to follow your weight curve much more easily. But it goes further, it allows you to track many indices of your physical condition. Better still, it fits into the ecosystem of Withings smart health connected products for monitoring your health.

So, in addition to the scale, you can use:

  • a smart health connected watch (especially the last Scanwatch), or a more affordable smart health connected bracelet (Withings Pulse HR)
  • the upper arm blood pressure monitoring (BPM Core)
  • or even a sleep analysis device (Withings Sleep) to place under your bed.

All your data is grouped together in the free Health Mate app that can be used with an Android or iOS smartphone (or a tablet).

Body Plus smart health connected scale design

Using the first generation, I find it particularly modern, well finished and resistant (it is placed in the living room to be able to use it every morning before having my breakfast). But, I find the Body + even more elegant with its thickness of only 2.3 cm. I also appreciate its display mode, certainly monochrome, but perfectly visible day and night.

It is easily found in white and black, but there are also pastel Green versions, and pastel Sand so chic.

  • Dimensions: 32.7 x 32.7 x 2.3 cm
  • Very resistant tempered glass surface
  • Satin coating without paint
  • Large 128 × 64 pixel display with backlight

Like most scales, no rechargeable battery, but a power supply with 4 1.5V (AAA) alkaline batteries.

A practical aspect is to be able to use the application to select the items displayed by the scale. So that it can also display muscle mass and bone mass as a percentage. You can also get rid of what you don’t like.

Finally, it displays the day’s weather forecast during measurement to possibly forecast your physical activities as a function of the weather.

Features of the Withings Body +

The Withings Body + scale can be used by a maximum of eight different people (from 5 to 180 kg). When one of the users steps on it, she detects who it is. If two users have a fairly close weight, she suggests selecting the correct one by displaying the profiles on the scale; all you have to do with your foot is to press yours to select it.

  • Weighing range from 5 kg to 180 kg
  • Graduation per 100 g
  • Measurement units: kg, lb, st lb
  • Up to 8 users

Clearly, Withings with its 8 users wants to seduce the whole family (even large families). To do this, there are actually two types of user accounts that have an impact on data confidentiality:

  1. Add a user like “ Family members”. In this case, the other users will be displayed in your application andtheir data will be visible to all family members. I confirm that this unique choice would have been a hindrance for my daughters to use it too.
  2. Share your scale directly with someone. In this option, each user must create their account and associate the scale. Confidentiality is thus preserved.

I personally chose the second mode of operation, so that everyone can manage their data independently.

A hybrid operation might have been easier: add the users in your family, but not see their data. As it stands, I have no visibility on the people who have access to my scale, to revoke their access, for example.

The 5 health measures

To perform the various measurements, the Withings Body plus uses four weight sensors and a body position detector. It measures your weight of course, but also your body composition in terms of percentage of fat and water. I was under the impression that these items were generally inferred from other measurements and your history. But the instructions make it clear that you must be barefoot when weighing for these items to be detected.

In reality it uses the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method. The scale sends out a tiny current that allows it to measure your impedance, which can then be used to calculate an estimate of the total body water mass. Total body water can be used to estimate fat free body mass and, unlike body weight, your body fat.

  • Weight,
  • Percentage of body fat,
  • Total percentage of water,
  • Muscle mass in kg,
  • Bone mass in kg.

The app allows you to set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie “budget”.

There are also different specific modes:

  • athlete
  • ” Pregnant woman. It supports expectant mothers throughout pregnancy until birth with appropriate weight monitoring and health tips and advice reviewed by obstetricians.
  • Baby“. Baby mode allows parents to accurately follow the evolution of their child’s weight. You just need to weigh yourself by holding the baby in your arms after weighing yourself (yes like in the kitchen).

use of the Withings connected scale

Connection and compatibility

The Body + scale connects to your health home Wi-Fi network and automatically transmits your weight and body composition results to the Health Mate app on your phone. This allows you to view your data from anywhere.

In terms of compatibility, there are over a hundred apps that can sync and use data from your scale.

To take full advantage of its smart features, you will need the free Health Mate app available for devices running iOS (10+) or Android (6+).

Withings Body + measurement accuracy

Withings Body + price

She is currently sold 99 € and regularly benefits from small promotions. It comes with its 4 batteries, 4 feet to improve accuracy (recommended for use on carpet) and an installation guide (French and English).

The product has a 2 year warranty. I haven’t had any malfunction in 3 years, and had to replace the batteries every 6 months for 2 regular users.

The best smart health connected scales 2020

Withings Body + review

The Withings Body + smart scale is easy to set up and use. All of the data is consistent for monitoring over time, but not always ultra precise. However, it is not an approved medical device.

Withings has the advantage of also offering a complete ecosystem of devices for your health monitoring with a good quality / price ratio and these are French products.

However, there are other newer models, including theXiaomi mi body just € 34.5 which generally offers the same performance with the Mi Fit application environment and also bracelet, affordable smart health connected watches. It is this Chinese model that I will buy today (the Review to come).

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