Withings body scale – which one is best

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A Wi-Fi scale that uses patented Position Control technology to deliver the most accurate body composition readings (weight, body fat and water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass). Body+ provides immediate on-screen feedback and automatically synchronizes with your smartphone to display trends and help you reach your weight goals.<br /> Full body composition - Track weight, BMI, total body fat and water percentage plus bone and muscle mass<br /> Best-in-class accuracy - Get high-accuracy measurements via Position Control technology, a patented body position detector. 9 to 396 lbs - 0,2 lbs precision.<br /> Get personalized coaching via the Health Mate application that turns your raw data into in-depth graphs of weight, body mass index, fat mass, muscle mass, water mass and bone mass while giving you advices to help you reach your objectives.<br /> Nutrition tracking - Set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget with integrated nutrition tracking<br /> Available in black or white.<br /> Available on iOS and Android, smartphone or tablet with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Automatic synchronization.<br /> Buy on the Withings Official Store : 24-months warranty, 30 days money back guarantee, exclusive offers, dedicated support.

To monitor your weight you can obviously invest in an old analog scale, technology offers us much more. With connected withings body scale and impedance meters, it is now possible to measure your fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and other things … while allowing you to follow developments precisely. Here are our recommendations for doing so.
Whether it’s tracking the impact of your sporting activity, or just monitoring your weight, a connected scale will allow you to track how your body mass changes over time. This is the most basic feature of a smart scale, but some models also offer a more detailed analysis of your body composition, bone mass, muscle mass, or more. Here is a selection of a few smart scales in various price ranges that will cover most needs.


Withings, then Nokia, then Withings again. The Body Cardio is a very complete scale that measures your weight of course, but also does a lot more. In fact, it measures just about your entire body: weight, bone mass, fat mass, water mass and finally muscle mass. These measurements are relatively common on most higher end scales. Where Body Cardio stands out is in its part … cardio.
The scale is also capable of measuring your heart rate as well as pulse wave velocity (PWV). Unknown to the general public, the VOP makes it possible to measure arterial stiffness which is itself a factor in arterial hypertension. Prosaically, this is an additional way to detect cardiovascular abnormalities. It’s always good to take.
Obviously, the scale is part of the Withings ecosystem, so you will find the data in the Health Mate application, rather well put together and pleasantly designed. If you already have a Withings product such as a connected watch, this is a natural choice. It connects to Wi-Fi and has the good idea of ​​recharging via USB rather than running on batteries, Withings promises up to 12 months of battery life.
Your whole body composition
And also cardiovascular measures
The Withings ecosystem


If you’re on a budget, you can skip cardiovascular measures and focus on other areas with the Withings Body Composition. On the other hand, you find the weight and the bone, fat, water and muscle masses. This is more than enough on a daily basis.
The composition is always measured using the bioelectrical impedance technique which requires the use of the scale barefoot (and dry) to function properly. It also has a pregnancy mode, then a baby mode to follow the growth of the infant by simply carrying it in the arms.
Unlike her big sister, she also skips the battery, in favor of batteries this time. It will take four and Withings expects 18 months of battery life with them. You will of course find the Health Mate application.
Your weight and your body composition
But also some additional features
The pleasant Withings ecosystem
The Withings Body + is generally offered for less than 100 euros.  Withings Store
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Withings body scale – which one is best
Withings body scale – which one is best
$84.96 $99.95


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