With watchOS 6, the Apple Watch is always more concerned about your health


As part of WWDC 2019 in San Jose, California, Apple introduced the latest additions to the watchOS 6 update. The latest developments focus on fitness and health features.

Apple knows it. Maintaining health and fitness has become a top priority today. The apple brand goes in this direction with WatchOS 6, the new update for the Apple Watch. That's what Jeff Williams, Apple's Chief Operating Officer, says "With its new powerful and personal tools, watchOS 6 is further proof of our desire to help users take control of their health and fitness. ".

WatchOS 6 focuses on fitness and health first and foremost

watchos 6 noise

The smart health connected watch welcomes some new applications including two specially designed for health. First Cycle Tracking. The app offers a follow-up of the evolution of the menstrual cycle for women. It allows daily monitoring of various information relating to ovulation, rules, but also for various symptoms. All this at the end of the wrist.

The other novelty brought by watchOS 6 is Noise. This app records the sound level of the environment. The sound level meter displays in real time the level of decibels. If it exceeds or even reaches the threshold of 90, the watch then sends a warning signal. Staying several hours in such a noise can begin to impair hearing. Stadium, concerts, works, even open space, hearing can now be protected in any circumstance. Apple thinks about the privacy of its users by stating thatno sound is recorded.

The App Store finally joins the Apple Watch

WatchOS 6 also brings, but still in the same vein, the new Trends tab for the Activity app. This one gives the latest trends in physical activity users. Everything is quantified, as well as indicators of calories, heart rate, and minutes of walks. If it's too much down, then the app goes into custom coaching mode for proper fitness. For the first time, the watch also hosts the App Store. It will now be possible to directly install applications on the watch, even third parties. This will allow developers to produce apps designed solely for the Apple Watch.

In addition to these new features, the update offers more customization options, as well as the compatibility of apps available only on iOS so far. There is now a dictaphone and what to read audio books. The calculator also offers to divide the bill in the restaurant so that no one feels wronged.


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