Why you need teleconsultation?

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Are you a general practitioner and you want to offer teleconsultation to your patients but do not yet know how to identify the best use cases? Why you need teleconsultation?First of all, know that the official texts and recommendations are very clear, it is the doctor who decides whether the video can be adapted for the patient’s consultation request. If in doubt about the effectiveness and relevance of a teleconsultation, you can opt for an office consultation or refer your patient to alternative care. If you make an appointment yourself, here are the most common reasons for which teleconsultation is suitable.


Frequent use of teleconsultation

Video consultation for acute pathologies

Some acute conditions can be managed properly from a distance. These are mainly afebrile urinary tract infections, for which you can prescribe an ECBU and a first-line antibiotic. Depending on the results of the analyzes, a follow-up or an adaptation of the treatment may be carried out. Likewise, low fever-free genital infections or simple seasonal viral infections may be the subject of a first video remedy.


Teleconsultations for the follow-up of chronically ill patients

Limiting the movements of these patients is an issue at a time when they often represent people at risk in the event of infection with COVID-19. The reasons for use of teleconsultation are multiple and allow interviews between two consultations in the doctor’s office. This consultation channel will be offered in particular for:

  • treatment monitoring : evaluation of the effectiveness of analgesics, discussions with caregivers for dependent people at health home,
  • psychological state : assessment and psychological support of the patient,
  • patient referral: consultations before referral to a colleague,
  • reading exam results prescribed during a previous consultation and explanation of the planned therapy,
  • follow-up of people suffering from addictions during weaning,
  • follow-up of health recommendations and preventive health exchanges.


Teleconsultation for children and adolescents

In some cases, teleconsultation can be offered to parents. It will then intervene in addition to regular follow-up in the office or at health home.

  • psychological follow-up of the child or adolescent,
  • follow-up during the management of eating disorders,
  • prescription of vaccines before consultation in the office,
  • health advice consultations,
  • perinatal support (breastfeeding, infant feeding, advice to parents, guidance in the event of a suspected postpartum depression in the mother).


Teleconsultation for intimate subjects

Sexuality, fertility, STDs, couple psychology are all subjects that can be raised during a teleconsultation. The video consultations on everything related to the intimate are numerous because they allow patients to discuss their doubts and their intimate problems, in a setting that they have chosen and in which they perhaps feel more reassured. . The main reasons for requests are as follows:

  • follow-up after a change of contraception,
  • request for STD screening,
  • emergency contraception,
  • sexology,
  • psychological imbalances linked to family or sexuality,
  • first exchanges within the framework of the couple’s child project,
  • follow-up after gynecological examinations.


Teleconsultation to improve patient follow-up

As a general rule, teleconsultation can be offered to follow a patient’s reaction to treatment, when psychological suffering has been detected or when sick leave has been prescribed and could be renewed (eg burn out).

This means of communication allows you to have more frequent exchanges with your patients and to improve the quality of care, particularly on the psychological level.



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Why you need teleconsultation?
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