What is the Styler GHD Gold Max hair straightener worth?

“A quality straightener with its technical performance for professional results!” ”

Date of the last price update on April 16, 2021, 3:56:00 PM

Welcome to our opinion & comparison devoted to GHD Gold Max Styler. This is a straightener top of the line acclaimed by consumers and hairdressing professionals at the moment. It is one of the best straighteners of the moment and he obtains grades above 4.6 / 5 when we look at the customers’ opinion.


GHD gold max styler hair straightener

Our NOTICE on the GHD gold max styler hair straightener

The Styler GHD Gold Max hair straightener is kind of version 2.0 of GHD Gold classic straightener. The difference this time around is that it is specially designed for use on long hair, thanks to its very wide plates. The GHD Gold Max Styler does not stop, however, with improved use by XXL plates, it also brings many other advantages :

  • Maximum optimized plates: this device has XXL plates that allow the hair to be smoothed one pass and facilitate the processing of long hair. The 3D outlines and the rounded edges allow use flexible, precise, and without catching the hair. We specify that this straightener is suitable for all hair types from short to long and from thin to thick.
  • Hair protection: what is interesting with this model is that it is able to combine performance and hair protection, thanks to a ceramic lacquer coating, which makes the hair softer and shinier, while preserving it from heat. This system is called self-regulation, and it allows to keep a constant heat of 185 ° C which reduces any risk of burns on the lengths. Note that it only takes one pass to smooth a strand. Hair is straightened easily and quickly without breakage of the hair fiber.
  • High-end performance: the hair straightener instantly heats up, it is immediately ready for use and it maintains a powerful heat But not aggressive.
  • Maximum security: in addition to the fact that this hair straightener does not damage the hair, it is also equipped with different protection systems as the automatic standby mode after 30 minutes in case you forgot to turn off your straightener. The device also has a automatic shutdown option and a reduced heat on the edges of the plates to avoid burns potential on the skin.
  • Ergonomic and modern design: the device is designed ergonomic, that is to say that you can hold it in hand easily and painlessly since unlike its old version, this new model is very light. The cord is long so as to simplify the use without the need to pull. In addition, at the aesthetic level we are sure a very worked visual and modern.

How the GHD Styler Gold Max works

Technical comparison with a standard straightener

The GHD Styler Gold Max hair straightener is a model with a superior technicality with standard hair straighteners. We suggest you compare with the table below:

Technical comparison GHD gold max styler Standard straightener
Technology Steam Ceramic
Power NC 32W
Coating Ceramic Ceramic
Thermoregulation Yes No
Min temperature 175 ° C 220 ° C
Max temperature 185 ° C 220 ° C
Temperature indicator No No
Average price € 169 € 19

A quality straightener thanks to its technical characteristics whose thermoregulation for a professional result from your health home.


GHD gold max styler hair straightener

In conclusion, the GHD Gold Max Styler is a device that combines a great lightness, a big precision, and large performance. It offers excellent value for money even if the purchase price is high. You will have at health home a device that saves you the trip to the hairdresser thanks to performance of professional quality for a perfect smoothing result.

The positive points
  • XXL sheets with 3D contours and rounded edges
  • Instant heating
  • Ceramic coating
  • Self-thermoregulation at 185 °
  • 30-minute automatic standby mode
The negative points
  • High price
  • No steam

Best price

Date of the last price update on April 16, 2021, 5:05:00 PM

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