What is the Samsung MG28H5125NK Grill microwave worth?

“All the power and performance of a microwave”

Date of the last price update on January 18, 2021, 6:56:00 AM

Welcome to our opinion & price comparison devoted to microwave grill Samsung mg28h5125nk. This model of the Samsung brand is a innovative microwave. He owns several advantages as the steam cleaning, the Sensor mode (pre-programmed menus) andintegrates well in your kitchen with a worked design.


Samsung microwave grill mg28h5125nk

Device power
4.5 / 5

Design and integration
4.5 / 5

Our Notice on the microwave grill Samsung mg28h5125nk

The model Samsung mg28h5125nk is a microwave grill with many functions. The brand has focused oninnovation with this device. Find below the 5 main technologies of this device:

  • A multifunction device : this microwave oven allows thaw and warm up food but also cook or gratinate pizzas, pies, fish, etc.
  • The Steam cleaning offers the possibility ofmaintain the microwave by activating the steam cleaning function. The device is equipped with water reservoir meant for that purpose.
  • The Smart Sense technology is a system equipped with sensors that controls humidity for adapt the parameters cooking. The cooking is more successful.
  • The function Sensor mode cooking automatically determines the thawing time or the cooking time according to the weight and type of food. The food data must be configured on the control panel.
  • The disengageable plate function allows deactivate the turntable for reheating or defrosting in voluminous dishes.

microwave grill Samsung mg28h5125nk

A microwave refined design

Concerning I’integration, the microwave grill Samsung mg28h5125nk is a freestanding device. With a black coating and one transparent appearance from the glass, it isintegrates well in a modern fitted kitchen. The Samsung brand highlights the ‘dneat prenium esign Of this microwave. The handle and the rotary knob accentuate the modern and elegant effect. The control panel located on the right of the device allows configure the different functions of the device. The selected items are displayed using Blue leds. The control strip is used to:

Samsung mg28h5125nk microwave grill control panel

Control panel

  • 1: button for healthy dishes (vegetables and cereals).
  • 2: button for healthy dishes (poultry and fish).
  • 3: sensor cooking button.
  • 4: my dish cooking button.
  • 5: food defrost button.
  • 6: food reheating button.
  • 7: grill function button.
  • 8: button for combined cooking;
  • 9: steam cleaning button.
  • 10: deodorization button.
  • 11: activate / deactivate the turntable.
  • 12: the multi-function selector (parameter for the time, power, cooking time).
  • 13: activate / deactivate the child lock
  • 14: activate / deactivate the eco function.
  • 15: the start button for 30 seconds.

The reading the user manual is necessary to know the type of dishes according to the cook button.

Regarding cleaning and maintenance, this model of microwave grill is coated with a ceramic inner cavity. It offers a easy to clean, without risk of scratches and anti-bacterial. The function of steam cleaning allows a optimal microwave cleaning.

Technical comparison with a standard microwave

We have prepared below a technical comparison with a standard model of microwave grill. This table is used to verify that this Samsung brand microwave has characteristics way above than a classic model.

Technical comparison Samsung mg28h5125nk Standard grill microwave
Microwave power 900W 700W
Grill power 1500W 800W
Power level 6 5
Volume 28L 20L
Plate diameter 32cm 24.5cm
Cleaning Steam Manual
Timer 99 minutes 30 minutes
Child safety Yes No
Pre-programmed menus 25 0
Weight 16.1 kg 11 kg
Spare parts availability 7 years 1 year
Average price 159 € € 69


Samsung microwave grill mg28h5125nk

In summary, the microwave grill Samsung mg28h5125nk is a device with a good value for money. With regard to innovations that they offer is a powerful device and of comfort for thaw, warm up, cook or to roast your different dishes. We recommend this microwave.

The positive points
  • Smart Sense Technology
  • Disengageable plate function
  • Beautiful design
  • Steam cleaning
  • Sensor Mode
The negative points
  • Microwave power a little limited
  • Getting started with Sensor mode using the guide

Best price

Date of the last price update on January 18, 2021, 8:40:00 AM

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