What is the Panasonic tx-55fz800e OLED TV worth?

“An Oled television with real innovations and wide connectivity! “

Date of the last price update on April 16, 2021, 1:20:00 PM

Welcome to our opinion and comparison of the Panasonic tx-55fz800e TV. This model of the brand Panasonic is a ultra HD 4K premium latest generation, 139cm diagonal. Technology OLED (organic light emitting diode) will delight fans of very beautiful cinematographic images.


Tv oled Panasonic tx55fz800e

Image quality
5.0 / 5

Screen responsiveness
5.0 / 5

Screen size
4.5 / 5

Technological innovations
5.0 / 5

Energy consumption
4.5 / 5

Our NOTICE on tv oled panasonic tx55fz800e

We have selected this Television in our top 7 OLED TV, for the quality and reliability of the Panasonic brand coupled with its Ultra HD 4k Premium large screen Oled (which allows pixels to produce their own lights). But above all, this model has unique performances:

  • Oled slab with an exclusive filter
  • Color calibration by a Holliwood colourist (video processing processor HCX Studio Color which has a very large computing power. This is the real engine of this television)
  • THX 4k Display Certified
  • compatibility HDR10, HDR10 + and HLG
  • Technology Panasonic Intelligent Frame Creation

OLED technology offers screens of a much better quality than LCD televisions because the quality of the image no longer corresponds to the quality of the panel or to the diode which illuminate the pixels but is done naturally by pixels that emit their own lights. This offers several advantages, the contrast is raised to its maximum because this perfectly defines the contours of the image (the blacks extinguished around the image being total) we can obtain blacks of absolute depth and therefore perfectly defined contours. Enriched by a wide range of colors, the result is striking.

OLED also brings greater responsiveness, where traditionally we speak of hertz on LCD screens, the frequency of the image is here increased to its maximum (barely 0.1m / s) since each pixel is independent, the image can readjust very quickly. Allied to function HDR, even in the fastest scenes there is no jerkiness, nor any decrease in image resolution.

We also note the presence of a voice command, very handy when you surf the Smart tv or on the youtube search bar because it allows you to do not have to select the text letter by letter that you want to display. (which is particularly long to type on a remote control).

Otherwise, the viewing angle is much wider, the rate of loss of contrast and brightness for a viewer located at 45 ° from the screen is greatly reduced, which allows all spectators to benefit from a good rendering whatever their position in relation to the screen.

Technology Absolute Black Filter has the advantage of neutralizing reflections and offers great comfort in broad daylight, it allows you to place your TV where you want it.

Surround cinema sound, of 40W offers a large amplitude sound for a better 360 ° spatialization of sound around your room just like in the cinema for a best immersion in your films, you will realize this by watching a war film for example.

In addition, we see a good rendering of contrasts at night and day by adding the function Ultra Bright Panel, which is a screen covering designed to let in as much light as possible from the panel and which allows increase brightness by 35% on this model, therefore, comfort is more important in a bright environment because the image will stand out better in fine detail.

In addition, the addition of a dual tuner TNT HD allows you to record a channel while watching another program. Adding this function is very convenient for TV lovers. The connection is also wider at Panasonic with for example, the addition of a fourth HDMI port, of a headphone jack or a port USB 3.0 for up to 10 times faster file transfer.

Panasonic tx55fz800e OLED TV

Technical comparison with a standard TV

To better understand the performance, we made a technical comparison with a standard tv. We can notice that the main innovation is within the technology OLED which really allows lifting a veil and which coupled with the 4k offers an image with perfectly defined edges.

Technical comparison Panasonic tx55fz800e Standard tv
Image format 4k (3840 * 2160) full HD (1920 * 1080p))
OLED technology Yes No
frequency (fluidity of movements) max on OLED 100 HZ
Audio technology cinema surround Pro 40 W 20 W
Smart tv yes (Youtube, Netflix …) No
Absolute Black filter technology Yes No
Processor Quad-Core Pro A7
Ultra Bright Panel Technology Yes No
Availability of spare parts 2 years 2 years
Average price € 1,790 € 499


Tv oled Panasonic tx55fz800e

This television proposed by Panasonic represents the high end of the market televisions and the best available for OLED displays. The reputation of the Panasonic brand specializing in high-end products, its wide connectivity, and all of the brand’s own technologies have convinced us to include this screen in our top 7.

The positive points
  • OLED technology (exclusive filter)
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Ultra HD 4k Premium
  • Sound power 40w
  • Absolute black filter
  • Mirroring technology
  • Ultra Bright Panel Technology
  • Dual tuner
The negative points
  • The classic foot
  • No 3D compatibility

Best price

Date of the last price update on April 16, 2021, 4:05:00 PM

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