What is the GHD Air Premium hair dryer worth?

“Consumers’ Favorite GHD Hair Dryer! ”

Date of the last price update on April 16, 2021, 5:16 PM

Welcome to our opinion & comparison dedicated to the GHD Air Premium hair dryer. This is the first hair dryer top of the lineof the brand GHD which, since 2012, continues to be highly acclaimed by consumers and appears each year in the rankings of the best hair dryers.


GHD Air Premium Hair Dryer

Choice of temperatures

Our opinion | GHD Air Premium Hair Dryer

The GHD Air It has kept all its promises for 5 years and it is enough to check this by observing the ratings of users and their comments. The device obtains grades above 4.6 / 5 and in terms of customer reviews, the hair dryer is technically ahead of its competitors. Its only downside is a matter of grams but that’s the price to pay to get a sublime result on our hair, we forget some the slight feeling of weight during use.

The price is high, but totally justified thanks to the performance ofAir Premium. Here are the reasons that lead us to recommend this product to you :

  • A divine silhouette: ergonomic and glamorous curves for a truly modern and luxurious aesthetic. The handling is simple and pleasant thanks to the texture of the hair dryer, in addition we love all the finishes very visually worked.
  • Very good power: 2100 watts is a lot and it allows you to dry your hair quickly (thus saving time). This also makes it possible to expose the hair to less heat (and therefore to damage it less and better preserve your hair fiber).
  • Adjustable intensity: with this model, you can choose the intensity of the drying according to your needs and your hair type, which means that the device is compatible with all hair types. There are 3 temperature levels and 2 blast speeds to choose from according to your expectations.
  • Maximum hair protection: the GHD Air Premium has ionic technology which, thanks to the action of negative ions, to reduce static electricity but also and above all to protect the hair from heat by avoiding damaging it and by giving it softness and shine. The cold air touch (which finalizes and fixes the hairstyle while bringing even more shine) is also integrated into this model.
  • A practical device: The GHD Air Premium is quiet, allowing you to achieve pleasant drying of hair without the usual headaches caused by a too noisy motor. The cord is rotatable and measures 3 meters (which greatly facilitates the use of the product).
  • Accessories and warranty provided: this hair dryer is available either on its own (accompanied by 2 interchangeable concentrator tips), or integrated in a cabinet (accompanied by a protective bag, 2 pliers, a brush, various tips). The manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years, which is a real plus.

Technical comparison with a standard hairdryer

Here is a comparative table with a standard hair dryer model. We note that the GHD Air Premium hair dryer is more technical than the entry-level model:

Technical comparison GHD Air Premium Standard hair dryer
Technology Ionic Classic
Number of speed 2 2
Power 2100W 1200W
Cord 3m 1.8m
Number of temperature 3 2
Cold air button Yes No
Weight 200g 360g
Average price € 99 € 19

This model of the Ghd brand is an ionic hair dryer, with efficient technologies and professional.


GHD Air Premium Hair Dryer

If you are hairdresser and want to achieve professional results from health home, this device will be perfect for you. Glamorous and efficient, it allows you to have a quick drying as well as a voluminous and protected hair thanks to the integrated technology. Excellent price-performance ratio with a 2-year warranty, a winning combination for a hair dryer top of the line.

The positive points
  • 3 temperature levels
  • 2 breath speeds
  • 2100 Watts of power
  • 3 m cord
  • Thermal protection
  • Hair protection
  • 2 interchangeable tips
  • Cold air
  • Ceramic coating
  • Ionic function
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with or without products
  • Quiet
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
The negative points
  • High price
  • Weight of 700 grams (lack of lightness for better ergonomics)

Best price

Date of the last price update on April 16, 2021, 1:40:00 PM

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