What is the ELECTROLUX eoa3404aox oven worth?

“An innovative oven with a steam function at the best price”

Date of the last price update on January 18, 2021, 5:25:00 AM

Welcome to our opinion & price comparison devoted to built-in oven ELECTROLUX (eoa3404aox). This built-in oven uses a PlusSteam function allowing to hydrate and of cook better your pastries and desserts (soft). It is made in Italy, is multifunction to convection and to catalysis.


Built-in oven Electrolux eoa3404aox

Power consumption
4.5 / 5

Our Notice on the built-in oven Electrolux eoa3404aox

What emerges first when reading the feedback of users who bought this oven, it is the major asset what does the PlusSteam function to make bread at a time crisp and soft or other pastries, pastries … (exit the bread machine then …).

It also appears intuitive and easy to use, and has a very large interior volume (72 liters compared to 65 on average) which allows you to fit large sizes of dishes or to put more food to cook inside the oven.

On the technical side, it has various cooking methodsMultifunction – (Steam, Sole, Grill, Medium grill, Strong grill, Tradition, Stirred air, Fan heat, Fan heat and grill) that cook just about any dish you want.

The power is meanwhile slightly below what other ovens can offer for that price, but you will have the PlusSteam function in exchange.

Built-in oven electrolux eoa3404aox

Technical comparison with a standard oven

As with every model we analyze, you will find below a technical comparison of this model from Electrolux with a standard oven of a store brand (see inexpensive built-in ovens of this type of brand). Apart from one lower power (slightly longer temperature rise), the characteristics are much superior to the average.

Technical comparison Electrolux eoa3404aox Standard oven
Cooking mode Hot air, PlusSteam Natural convection
Functions Multifunction Standard
Power 2780W 2,500W
Cleaning the oven Catalysis Manual
Electronic programmer Yes No
Cold door No No
Interior volume 72L 55L
Origin of manufacture Italy China
Spare parts availability 10 years 5 years
Average price € 529 € 199


Built-in oven Electrolux eoa3404aox

It is in our opinion a innovative oven which is distinguished by this new “steam” function that we still see too little on the built-in ovens of this range. Consumer reviews are all very satisfied with their purchase. We recommend So this model eoac3404aox from the brand Electrolux.

The positive points
  • Steam Plus function (pastries)
  • Very spacious (72L)
  • Large rear fan
  • Catalytic walls (absorb fat)
The negative points
  • Power a little low
  • No pre-programmed recipes

Best price

Date of the last price update on January 18, 2021, 8:31:00 AM

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