What is (really) worth the Magimix Cook Expert?

“This food processor is easy to use and has multiple functions! "

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Welcome to our Review & opinion devoted to famous Magimix Cook Expert food processor. This French-made robot has a induction cooking mode and we’ll see that in addition to cooking very quickly, the possibilities are various and allow you to cook healthy.


Multifunction food processor Magimix cook expert

Technological innovations
5.0 / 5

Our Notice on the Magimix cook expert food processor

If we have chosen to Review this food processor, it's because he's probably the most robot successful and the most efficient of its category and its generation. It is indeed one of the few to use the induction technology, and that accelerated really the preparation. The engine is a professional engine from 900w (guaranteed 30 years). Cooking temperatures range from 31 to 140 ° C, and it is possible to select the temperature to the nearest degree.

The Magimix Cook Expert

It has a large 3.5 liter metal tub, as well as 3 transparent tanks dedicated to the preparation of your dishes. The metal bowl is used for cooking, and the transparencies for preparation and mixing (blender mode for example).

What brought us surprised then it’s ease of use. It can just as easily be used in " automatic program "For beginners, and in" expert mode »With manual adjustments to be made. Expert mode allows you to manually select the cooking time, speed and temperature. Overall, we found the “program” menu well done: simple, understandable and intuitive.

It is also possible with the metal tank of keep warm, for a period of 2 hours, your prepared dishes, the time that your guests arrive for example.

So there is 12 automatic programs which cover a wide range of dishes.

After the programs, let's go to accessories. Again, we were pleasantly surprised by the full range of accessories that cover all needs in terms of food processor. Here is the list:

  • 2.5 liter steam basket
  • White beaters
  • Metal spatulas / metal tank / robot
  • Metal knife with blade protection
  • 4 discs: 2 and 4mm slicer, 2 and 4mm grater
  • Mini bowl and mini knife
  • Robot tank adapter
  • Independent scale

Finally, Magimix does not leave us alone in front of its robot. A 300 recipe book and a free access to an application dedicated allows for multiple dishes specially thought out for the Cook Expert.

Cooking mode Blender mode Baker mode Robot / Expert
Mashed Soup Frozen dessert Dough / Cake Transparent tank
Velvety soup Crushed ice Snow White Manual adjustment
Simmering Smoothies Bread / Brioche time, speed
Steam temperature
Magimix Cook Expert food processor

Magimix Cook Expert food processor

Technical comparison with a standard food processor

As always, for realize of the real quality of a product, nothing better than comparing it to its counterparts. Here, we have chosen to make a comparison between the Cook Expert from Magimix and a standard model.

Technical comparison Magimix cook expert Standard food processor
Engine power 900W 600W
Induction Yes No
Number of functions 12 12
Tank capacity 3.5 liters 2.5 liters
Temperature range 31 ° – 140 ° 30 ° – 120 °
Mobile app Yes No
Origin of manufacture France Asia
Spare parts availability 10 years 2 years
Average price € 1,199 € 199


Multifunction food processor Magimix cook expert

Certainly, the price of this robot is high, but you have to see what it brings in time. First, it is guaranteed 3 years by brand (and not 2 years as usual), then your induction motor is guaranteed for 30 years ((or 1000 hours of use), and finally, it is absolutely full.
We also draw your attention on an important point which has been pointed out to us by many consumers: the spare parts availability time. She is here from 10 years ! ((Do not neglect this point, because for Cook processor, it is only two years, so you will not even be able to have it repaired, you will only have to throw it in the trash for a simple breakdown).
Finally, if you have the means, this multi-functional robot cooker is certainly one of the best choices to make. He seduced us with your simplicity, your various features, and your robustness. Feel free to comment at the bottom of the page or send us your feedback.

The positive points
  • Cook and mix on its own
  • Speed ​​of induction
  • Robust and reliable
  • Quiet
  • Quick and easy to use cleaning

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