Lowering biological age: the best way to protect our health

As they say? You are as young as you feel. And so some already feel like 60 at the age of 40 and some only like 40 at 60. In fact, your date of birth has little to do with how healthy and young you feel in your body. Even more: even how old you really are. The biological age is decisive. But what is my biological age ? Which factors determine biological age? Why is “staying young” the best protection for health? And what options can you use to lower your biological age? Here are the most important facts in a nutshell.

Biographical versus biological age: that’s the difference

The fact is: if we only look at our date of birth, we are all getting older at the same rate. Still, in terms of their physical condition, time seems to be more gracious with some than with others. And this is exactly where biological age comes into play. The biological age determines how far the age-related “wear and tear” of the body has already progressed and thus also impaired health. Both, positively and negatively, can differ greatly from the biographical age.

Determine biological age: these factors are crucial

From a medical point of view, age-related impairment is defined on the one hand by factors that directly reflect the health of our body:

  • Physical fitness (functionality of the lungs and the cardiovascular system)
  • Blood values ​​(blood sugar, cholesterol, inflammation values, blood pressure)
  • Progress of atherosclerosis (risk factor for heart attack and stroke)
  • Functionality of the organs (liver, kidneys, etc.), the senses (eyes, ears) and the nervous system
  • Percentage of visceral fat: Obesity is a risk for numerous, serious diseases because, among other things, it accelerates
  • the aging processes in the body (insulin resistance, body inflammation, increased wear and tear on the joints).
  • Mental fitness (functioning of the brain)

Another factor of biological age is the body’s ability to actively defend itself against diseases:

  • Regenerative and reproductive ability at cell level
  • Functioning of the immune system

Both factors, physical condition and self-healing powers, are mutually dependent. They are influenced by inherited genes and your own lifestyle and diet.

The biological age is directly related to our health

The greatest danger to our health is therefore biological aging. Because if the body loses the ability to defend itself against diseases, this has a direct impact on our health. So instead of only becoming active against diseases after they have already occurred, it is much more effective to support the body in keeping itself resistant for as long as possible. You can do this by lowering your biological age.

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Lower biological age: With these measures, rejuvenation is actually possible

While the biographical age cannot logically turn back, one’s own lifestyle offers numerous possibilities with which one can lower one’s biological age:

  • A nutrient-rich and low-calorie diet with a variety of antioxidants and healthy fats. It supplies the body with everything it needs so that all organs can function optimally. In addition, the antioxidants help the body to protect itself against free radicals, which attack the cells and the immune system. At the same time, a healthy diet counteracts obesity. Healthy fats also protect against atherosclerosis.
  • Avoidance of animal proteins and sugar: Animal proteins stimulate cell growth and cell division and thus also the aging process of the cells. Sugar accelerates the aging process by activating the genes that are responsible for aging. At the same time, it deactivates the enzymes and factors that provide protection against free radicals. Sugar is also known to have a huge impact on insulin levels. Put simply, sugar and animal proteins are directly related to age-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cancer. 
  • Regular sporting activities: Active exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and the lungs and enriches the blood with oxygen. In addition, the metabolism and fat burning are stimulated, and autophagy is promoted. Last but not least, healthy brain function is supported, happiness hormones are released and the immune system is strengthened. Going for a walk in particular has a surprisingly healthy effect on body and mind in many ways.
  • Sufficient sleep and a healthy way of dealing with negative stress: Both protect against free radicals and support the immune system, since less of the stress hormone cortisol is released. In addition, both have a positive effect on blood pressure and brain health.
  • Avoiding harmful substances and toxins such as alcohol and nicotine: They accelerate the aging process by damaging organs and causing oxidative stress. Those who do without it also slow down the aging process and protect themselves against age-related diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes.
  • Avoiding visits to the solarium and long, intensive sun exposure: Both of these cause the skin to age and release free radicals that damage the cells.
  • Take a cold shower: Promotes blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the immune system, stimulates fat burning, lowers blood lipid levels and the risk of diabetes. Last but not least, cold showers also improve stress resistance.

If you pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, you can make a significant contribution on your own to maintain the body’s self-healing powers and thus protect your body from age-related diseases. In this way one can lower one’s biological age.

Reduce biological age through intermittent fasting

Anyone who, in addition to these measures, would like to do more to “keep their health young” can lower their biological age by fasting. Those who rely on intermittent fasting (8/16) can stabilize their blood values ​​(especially blood sugar and cholesterol) and blood pressure and regulate their weight in conjunction with exercise and a balanced diet.

Lower biological age through intermittent fasting

However, if you want to lower your biological age in a particularly sustainable and effective way, you should deal with the therapeutic fasting for several days. In addition to the positive effects of intermittent fasting, there is also intensified autophagy. It ensures that damaged cell and immune structures are broken down and sustainably renewed. So there is actually a rejuvenation taking place at the cellular level, which helps the body to better protect itself against age-related diseases. This makes autophagy a real booster if you want to lower your biological age.

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