What are the criteria for choosing the right builder of contemporary houses?


Characterized by unique aesthetic criteria and styles specific to our time (industrial, vintage, ecological, etc.), the contemporary house is very fashionable today. Comfortable accommodation par excellence, it is based on a maximum of functions to optimize the reduction of energy consumption and respect the environment.

Are you also a carrier of a construction project of a contemporary house? So, you should know that one of the important steps in this process is the choice of the builder. If you do not want to be the victim of certain inconveniences, you must ensure its reliability and the quality of its services before entrusting him with your project.

Let’s discover together the elements that should guide you in the search for a specialized professional likely to realize your dream of life.

The skills of a contemporary health home builder

A bespoke health home builder is both project manager and contractor. The tasks of this real estate expert are multiple: research of the land, more precise definition of the construction project, suggestion of construction plans, management of certain administrative tasks, advising on technical choices, coordination of the whole body of trades working on the site, monitoring the proper execution of the work, etc.

So this professional is a multiservice employee. You must therefore make sure that whoever you choose really has all the necessary know-how to properly perform all these functions, and within the allotted time. As the company presents on habitatconcept.com for example, he must show of creativity and ingenuity to offer you a range of products that suit you.

Although health home builders are generally standardized, the right professional can provide you with features that allow you to increased personalization standard plans. Better, to have total confidence in the quality of the services of the company in question, ask see his different achievements.

Don’t just stick to online catalogs of realizations or online review. Also ask to visit its sites and discuss with its craftsmen. Ask about the return of his former clients. All this will allow you to better judge your performance.

The legal seriousness of a health home builder

Contemporary houses are today subject to RT2012 standard relating to the thermal consumption of new buildings. These thermal regulations impose requirements on manufacturers in order to create ecological houses that do not negatively impact the environment.

To do this, you must learn about the expertise of the builder in this area so that he delivers to you a house that meets standards in force. Also check whether the building company is registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). Always opt for a professional who has joined the CCMI (Individual House Construction Contract).

This is a mandatory contract for construction with water out and air out work. It supervises your construction project and protects you from problems throughout the work. The use of a manufacturer approved by CCMI offers many guarantees to buyers, namely:

  • the guarantee of perfect completion: it covers all the defects that you spot during the first year following the acceptance of the site;
  • the two-year guarantee or good functioning : applicable for 2 years, from the date of acceptance of the works, it protects all equipment that cannot be separated from the construction (valves, hobs, water heaters, etc.);
  • the ten-year guarantee: this compulsory insurance for builders covers damage affecting the robustness of the structure for 10 years from the date of acceptance of the site;
  • precise financial guarantees: these include, among other things, the terms of payment of the various down payments, minimum late payment penalties, the right of withdrawal, etc.

All this saves you from having to deal with unserious promoters.

The financial health of the manufacturer company

Another essential factor in choosing your contemporary health home builder is their creditworthiness. Three indicators make it possible to ensure the financial soundness of a construction company. First there is the date of creation. A builder that has been operating for several years is more reassuring than a business that has just been established.

then, we have the benefit of the company. We advise you to eliminate all companies with loss-making years or which do not publish their results. The last relative criterion is the absence of collective proceedings. This different information is easily accessible on several platforms, online in particular on infogreffe and BODACC sites.

You just need to bring yourself the manufacturer’s RCS number for the knowledge. If the company meets the criteria, you will have the guarantee that your construction project will be completed.

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The local establishment of the company

Collaboration with a contemporary health home builder who enjoys a local presence is very important. It’s the guarantee of direct contact and responsiveness. As you know, virtual contact does not allow you to make quality exchanges. In addition, choosing a manufacturer installed in your region makes it easier for them its task of coordinating craftsmen.

He will thus be able to better control the quality of the work during the construction of the site. When the health home builder you contracted with is near the land on which your health home is built, monitoring is more efficient. In addition to performance, this criterion can have an impact on the cost of the service.

If, for example, he drives 100 kilometers instead of 50, you agree with us that he will spend the same costs for fuel. As a result, this will undoubtedly end up in the final price to be paid. In addition, it is strongly suggested to prefer a builder recommended by friends or relatives.

For information, the contract signatures with a manufacturer on recommendation sometimes make it possible to benefit from a sponsorship system. Do not hesitate to inquire in your entourage.

The cost of the health home builder’s services

This is the last criterion to be taken into account. In the majority of cases, builders set the price of a contemporary house based on factors such as:

  • the surface of the construction;
  • the topography of the land (sloping, etc.);
  • the location of the house;
  • the complexity of construction (shape of the house, equipment and materials used, level of insulation and comfort, etc.);
  • technology (health home automation, etc.).

Avoid companies that offer you abnormally low price. They certainly want to use poor quality materials for your health home or hire low-skilled labor. To find the right professional, rely on value for money.

To do this, analyze the materials and equipment it uses to verify their quality (entry-level or high-end). In order to play the competition, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes to compare the offers.


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