What is the best smart watches that track steps in 2021

We spend far too much time in a sedentary position, sitting at a desk. With the explosion of connected health, The smart watches that track steps have come back into fashion to help us take as many steps as possible on a daily basis. A good smartwatch with pedometer will tell you the number of steps taken, the distance covered, but also the number of calories burned and other information that will allow you to judge your progress and motivate you to improve your performance.

The basis of all monitoring, and what most independent pedometers offer, with a more or less extensive memory. Today, the pedometer functionality is most often found integrated into bracelets and connected watches, where the pedometer can be accompanied by many features to improve its accuracy and information on your daily activity, thanks to multiple detection modes. sports activities, the presence of a heart rate sensor, and monitoring that can even accompany you in the water during your swimming sessions.

Which watch with pedometer to choose? A connected bracelet or a GPS watch that counts the number of steps is a useful accessory for Nordic walking, fitness walking or just leisure walking. A watch of this type shows the time, but also the number of steps, calories burned and distance traveled. Here is a selection of the best smart watches that track steps.

The best smart watches that track steps

Honor band 5

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Last update was on: October 18, 2021 4:33 am

The Honor Band 5 connected bracelet-watch is one of the current references for those looking for a high-performance connected bracelet at a low price. Obviously incorporating a pedometer and a heart rate monitor, the Honor Band 5 offers a beautiful AMOLED touch screen that allows you to enjoy its notifications and fitness information in a comfortable way. These include heart rate, sleep, activity with 10 fitness models (running, treadmill, elliptical, swimming …), but also blood oxygen (SpO2).

  • AMOLED display
  • Water resistant to 50m
  • Battery life up to 20 days

  • Some features reserved for Huawei smartphones

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YAMAY Touch Connected Watch

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Last update was on: October 18, 2021 4:33 am

With a modern and original design in total black, the YAMAY watch is designed to accompany the user during his sports sessions at the gym or his hikes in the mountains to inform him about the state of his body. It is a smart watch with a touchscreen that connects via Bluetooth to the phone. It has a pedometer that calculates the number of steps and the distance covered by the user, a GPS, a heart rate monitor, a stopwatch, a sleep tracker that allows you to set an alarm or a reminder, it also informs you on the number of calories burned. You can let yourself be guided by one of its 9 sports programs so you won’t need a coach. It allows you to find your phone, control music, view notifications and messages from your applications installed on your phone such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and others with a display capacity of 130 characters. The wrist of the watch is sensitive enough to give you reliable and accurate information. The display on the bright screen is very clear, visible even in direct sunlight. The watch’s autonomy allows you to use it for 10 days without recharging it, which is perfect for hiking.

  • The watch is waterproof which makes it possible to go underwater without any problem.
  • It has eight sport modes.
  • Sleep tracking allows you to monitor the time and quality of sleep.

  • The various features of the watch compared to the price make it just perfect.

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Garmin Forerunner 30 smartwatch

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Last update was on: October 18, 2021 4:33 am

The Garmin Forerunner 30 connected watch is one of the best value for money by the pedometer watch specialist for runners. Equipped with GPS, it does not need a smartphone to record your location and calculate the distances traveled. A heart rate monitor is naturally included, and the LiveTrack feature allows you to get real-time tracking of your runs. The battery life is not to be outdone with 5 days in smart watch mode and 8 hours in GPS mode.

  • Affordable price for a sports watch
  • Precise measurements
  • Integrated gps

  • Some connection problems observed

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FitBit Versa 2

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Last update was on: October 18, 2021 4:33 am

If you are looking for a complete smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa 2 remains one of the best alternatives to the Apple Watch. With an AMOLED display, tracking for up to 15 sports, compatibility with the Alexa assistant and the integration of apps like Deezer or Spotify, it offers a good user experience for a stylish and versatile watch.

  • Nice design
  • Intuitive interface
  • Integration with Alexa

  • No built-in GPS
  • No offline sync for Spotify

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Fitbit Charge 3

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Last update was on: October 18, 2021 4:33 am

In Fitbit’s line of connected bracelets, the Charge 3 is arguably one of the most complete before switching to connected watches like the Fitbit Versa 2. Its functionality for runners is quite comprehensive with distance and pace tracking. with connected GPS, a breathing tool and certified waterproofing 5 ATM (50m). The battery life offers up to 7 days of use, which allows for efficient sleep tracking. Still, the bracelet is a bit expensive compared to competitors from Honor or Xiaomi.

  • Elegant design
  • Full sports features
  • Water resistant to 50m

  • A bit expensive for a connected bracelet

What is a smartwatch with pedometer?

It is a small electronic instrument having the appearance of a clip, a watch or a bracelet which allows us to follow our daily activity. It can measure the number of steps, the distance covered, the calories burned or the number of steps climbed. Some altimeter pedometers are even capable of providing other information such as the duration and quality of sleep.

How to choose good watches that track steps?

Its main features

Features are the first things to consider when purchasing a step counter. Indeed, it is always better when it gives us much more extensive information.

A reliable pedometer should be able not only to measure the number of steps and distance traveled, but also to determine the duration and quality of sleep.

Some models like OMRON’s Walking Style IV are capable of calculating calories burned. Also, it is important to check whether the pedometer is connected or not connected to the internet and whether it has a cardio function or not.

Its autonomy

First, it should be noted that there are running pedometers with batteries and models that have rechargeable batteries.

While the former can operate for several years, the latter need to be recharged regularly, but have the advantage of offering more functions.

It is therefore also essential that the autonomy of the accessory is taken into account. The more it offers a long running time, the more reliable it is.

Its tightness

In addition to functionality and battery life, water resistance is also a criterion that should not be overlooked when choosing a 3D motion sensor pedometer.

Waterproof models like the Fitbit Unisex Ultra One are more attractive because they can withstand both sweat and rain.

This is a must have feature for anyone looking for a swimming pedometer.

Its design

As is the case with any other accessory, design is an important criterion in choosing the right altimeter pedometer. If you prefer step counters in bracelet or watch format, it would be best to opt for the one that will further enhance your dress style.

In case you’d rather like the models in clip form, the best thing to do is buy a stylish device, but small enough that you can put in your pocket, wear on your belt or in a bra without the slightest bit. uncomfortable.

What are the advantages of watches that track steps?

Composed of a case, a dial, a battery or battery and a strap, the pedometer watch has several advantages. When you play sports, you certainly set goals for distance and speed to achieve. With the energy efforts you put in, it will be difficult for you to measure this data. This is precisely one of the advantages of this sports watch. It provides you with information that reflects the movements you make. Thanks to the fitness watch, you also have the possibility to monitor your heart rate during exercises.

Another advantage of the step counter watch relates to the accuracy of the data it displays. Being intelligent equipment, it offers excellent analysis of the information it collects. It therefore allows you to access highly accurate information about your body and your environment. In addition, a pedometer watch is recognized for its practicality and ease of use. Since sport is not a fun activity at first, this accessory can make your fitness and hiking sessions more enjoyable. The information displayed by your watch is likely to motivate you.

How to use a pedometer?

Switch on your device

It is an easy to use device. The first thing to do is press the power button. Note that for a pitch calculator to be fully effective, it must be installed correctly.

Depending on the model, put it on your wrist, around your arm or on your belt while making sure it is secure. For other devices, just clip them to your shoe or put them in our pocket.

Choose your goals

For proper use of your altimeter pedometer. It is important that you set goals for yourself.

It’s best to always start with goals that you thought you would achieve fairly easily so that you don’t get demotivated too quickly.

You will be able to increase your efforts gradually and achieve motivating results.

Analyze your results

Analyzing the results is essential, as this will allow you to monitor your performance and progress.

The best smart watches that track steps now give you the ability to connect to a mobile app and access daily or monthly monitoring charts and graphs. You will also have access to your nutritional assessment.

Who is the pedometer watch for?

The pedometer watch is specially adapted for people concerned about their physical condition. It allows you to calculate the steps during the walks. Remember that walking is a sport for everyone. It is the favorite sport of those who are not really fans of the sport!

It gives tone to the muscles of the buttocks and legs. It also helps strengthen the abdominals. If you are in good shape and want to maintain it, walk about 30 to 60 minutes a day. Thus, you will never gain weight (no accumulation of fat in the belly and thighs).

The pedometer watch is also suitable for people wishing to lose weight. It simply allows you to monitor your progress and helps you achieve your goals. It tells you how many calories you are losing by triathlon, running on a treadmill, or the like.

With its help, you will know whether or not you have reached your daily goals, and whether or not you need to decrease or increase your pace or the intensity of your exercise. He can thus become, in a way, your sports and slimming coach. He is a true fitness ally. With it, it will be easier to stay motivated.

If you want to stay healthy, the pedometer watch can also be of great use to you. When you walk, you are doing your body a lot of good. Walking decreases the risk of osteoporosis and injuries in general in the elderly. It also helps strengthen the bones and maintain the joints. Walking helps improve blood circulation.

So you can take your pedometer wristwatch wherever you go. It adapts to all environments: forest, countryside, mountain. Of course, it can also accompany you during your jogging sessions in town.

Whether you are a Saturday athlete or an everyday athlete, you can also reap the benefits of using a pedometer watch. This accessory will help you stay motivated and maintain or improve your pace.

It adapts to all sports including ball sport and swimming (today completely waterproof models exist on the market). It is a real ally for runners. Either way, it will dictate whether you want to have to go faster or not to achieve your goals.

Why count your steps with a pedometer smartwatch?

The primary purpose of a pedometer smartwatch is to count the steps. But what’s the point of counting your steps? The answer is quite simple, when you walk, you move. When you move, you are good for your health.

By counting the number of your steps, you will know if your level of physical activity is correct or if you will need to make efforts to improve it. This smart silicone bracelet can therefore be used as an activity tracking tool.

You should know that if you take less than 10,000 steps per day, you are classified as too sedentary. If you do more, you are placed in the category of people with the correct level of physical activity.

Note that a walk of 10,000 steps is equivalent to a very fast walk of 0h50mn, a walk with a brisk pace of 1h00, a normal walk of 1h10 and a slow walk of one hour for two.

You are very fast if you walk at a speed of 140 steps per minute, you are fast if you walk at a speed of 120 steps per minute, your walking is normal if you take 120 steps per minute, your walking is slow if you perform 80 steps per minute.

If you ride a bike, know that one minute of cycling equals 150 steps. If you swim, one minute of swimming equals 96 steps, if you do yoga, one minute of yoga equals 50 steps. So where are you at? Use a pedometer watch to find out.

Note that the smart watches that track steps does not only count the walks you take outside your home. It also counts the steps you take when cleaning, tinkering, collecting mail from the door, going to the bathroom, etc.

Act on the data collected by your pedometer watch

If your pedometer watch shows that you are too sedentary, try increasing your steps by walking rather than taking the bus or subway.

If you live too far away to afford this, you can get off at a station near the one in your destination to increase your daily step count.

Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. If you have a dog, volunteer to offer a walk.

Do you like shopping? Browsing the shops on foot is not only convenient, but also good for your health!

Know that even wearing a pedometer watch will help you increase your daily step count. It will excite you to know how many steps you take each day. So to boost the results, you are motivated to walk more often and for longer.

It is worth remembering that walking is good for your health. Inactivity increases the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and cancer in adults. The fact of not moving (being sedentary) is the second cause of death. To maintain your health, combine walking or other physical activity with good food hygiene.

How to maintain your smart watches that track steps?

Screen cleaning

Subject to external aggressions such as heat and cold, but also to other humidity factors such as rain and perspiration, your running pedometer may become unreadable. This is why it is important to clean it regularly, preferably with a soft cloth or a disinfectant wipe.

Bracelet cleaning

This maintenance mainly concerns wristband or watch format pedometers. Here again, there is nothing complicated, as all you need to do is wipe the bracelet with a slightly damp cloth or a disinfectant wipe.

Tidying up

In order for your device to remain in perfect condition even after several years of use, it is essential to store it properly when not in use. Remember to protect it by storing it in its original packaging or in a case away from moisture and heat.


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