Vodafone OneNumber Calling for Alexa – how it works


New Vodafone OneNumber Calling function for Alexa

Thanks to Vodafone OneNumber for Alexa, users can now call friends and relatives even more easily via a compatible Echo device. No detours are necessary, but Vodafone customers can transfer their mobile phone number to an Echo device in just a few steps. Hands-free calls are then possible. The smartphone does not have to be nearby – it can even be switched off. This offers Vodafone customers a lot of convenience when the cell phone is used, for example. B. is not at hand and you still want to make calls. All that is needed is the voice command "Alexa call (name of person)", but the phone address book must first be sent to Alexa. If you do not want this, you can alternatively dictate the respective phone number.

That is not yet possible: Hands-free telephoning currently only refers to calls you have made yourself. Incoming calls are only forwarded to the smartphone by Vodafone.

Set up Alexa OneNumber Calling – Here's how

From now on, users can access the function in the Alexa app (Android | iOS) access and link your phone number with a compatible Echo device. In our Review, it worked directly and we were able to make calls immediately using an Echo device. It only took three steps:

  1. Select "Settings" in the Alexa app.
  2. Click on "Communication".
  3. Select the "Vodafone" menu item and make the setting for the compatible Echo device.

The function is supported free of charge with the following Vodafone tariffs: Red, Red + Allnet, Young, Black, SMART L / L + / XL and IN. For calls via Vodafone OneNumber, the usual costs for calls are debited or are covered by the flat rates. Users can unlink the phone number at any time using a voice command or the app.

Conclusion on Vodafone OneNumber – call directly via Echo

With the Vodafone OneNumber Calling function, users can make calls to friends and family members via an Echo device. Linking your own mobile phone number and making calls works even when the smartphone's battery is empty. This greatly facilitates communication with an Echo loudspeaker and calls can simply be started on call. The function is also particularly suitable for older people, so that in an emergency they can only call trusted persons or make an emergency call.

In our Review, the voice of the telephone partner sounded a little tinny and there were minor delays – but overall the sound quality was satisfactory and practical. The voice was transmitted reliably even at greater distances from the Amazon Echo.


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