VicTsing 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser, BPA-Free Diffuser, 8-Color LED Light, Whisper Quiet, Waterless Auto-Off & 3H Timer Setting for Bedroom, Home, Office, Yoga Best seller Alternative Health Therapies products of 2020 in Canada

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Superior noise reduction design equipped with the unique noise reducing cover and high-performance motor, VicTsing essential oil diffuser water-dripping and running noise can be controlled to 21Db; Bpa-free & waterless auto-off BPA-free material ensures that it's 100% healthy for babies and kids...

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 Great for those who are new to using diffusers. I've had it for almost two weeks and use it pretty much everyday or every night. Its size makes it ideal for traveling, but it also works really great in any room of the house. It has a really cool light up option where it shifts from color to color or you can also pick a single color for it to stay at. In the regular mist mode it can last for around 6 or 7 hours and at night around 9 hours. It's especially great on night mode since it doesn't make a lot of noise and sometimes is still running when I get up in the morning. For smaller rooms I wouldn't recommend going over more than 3-4 drops of essential oils for each use, but it's really a case of trial and error for each person. It's really easy to use and the box it comes with and a small pamphlet explain what each button is for, how to set the diffuser up, and any other general information.I don't think I closed it properly the first time I set it up, so a few water drops leaked out from the bottom of the lid every few minutes or so and made me worry that I had a defective model. I got it right the second time and haven't had this problem since. There is a small vertical line on the top part, to the left of the Victsing sign, and a small vertical line on the bottom part, to the left of the light button. When you first put the top part on the bottom, both lines have to align and the then you turn the top part firmly to the left until it can't be turned any more. Both lines will no longer be aligned and there should be 1/2 cm of space between them, with the upper line being farther away from the center of the diffuser than the bottom line. The box the diffuser comes with explains how to do this, but I'll leave this here in case anyone else has this problem.Overall, I'm happy with this diffuser and would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a good starter diffuser or just somethings that's small and easy to bring around. I'll update this review if I have any future problems with it, but for now it works great and has no problems.
 I love this product, its small and mighty and super cute. The led colour changing works perfect with a lot of different options for colours. You can have them change or you can pick your favourite colour and leave it on that! Its not loud and the mist works very well. You can even use it without the mist if u just want a colour or colour-changing night light. Or use it without colours if you’d like
I use this mainly in my bedroom and it does exactly what I need. The mist output is around 6 hours on a full tank for the high setting. LED colour cycles in a rainbow, 8-10 different colours or 'stoppable' when going through the rainbow fade. Mist output is modest for a medium sized room, would not recommend this for a living room type setting if you're wanting to fill the room with a scent. The operation is very quiet and I have no problem sleeping with it on although some of the LED colours can be fairly bright on night eyes. Cleaning and filling is simple as a slight turn of the cap and adding water, just make sure the top is on when you start it or it will splash on you. I've had no problems with it leaking as some other reviews have mentioned. So far I've ran it nearly every day for the past 3 months 6-8 hours a day with no problems. Great product.

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