Use Alexa in the office and health home office – skills & tips


Alexa in the office and health home office – possibilities & requirements

Anyone who already uses Alexa in their smart health home is aware of the fact that the possibilities do not only start with reading out messages or noting to-dos, but can go much further. This is exactly the case in the office or health home office, when the voice assistant Alexa helps not to forget upcoming appointments or makes access to tools easier.

The easiest way to do this is through skills. Those are comparable to apps that users can download and then use for the most part free of charge from the Amazon Skill Store. The only thing interested people need for use at health home or in the office are the Alexa app (Android | iOS) and at least one Echo speaker.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation), anthracite fabric

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Order now: Better sound and new design – the next generation's most popular voice assistant from Amazon.

Useful Alexa skills and tips for everyday routines in the office

Almost every day in the office is accompanied by important appointments. The following Alexa skills can remind you of this and can also be of great help for other tasks:

Manage appointments: About the skill Quick events users can easily and quickly manage appointments and events with a voice command and they are then automatically saved in the Google Calendar. All you need is access to a Google account. However, the function is in English.

Create lists: Alexa can also remember tasks without extra skills or create a list for purchases if desired. With the skill this function receives improvements for everyday office life. The associated app (Android | iOS) unites shopping list, watch list and reminders of tasks and saves them not only on a certain device, but everywhere where they are needed.

Make phone calls: Thanks to the skill RingByName Colleagues can start calls with each other if the respective name is said and the other party also has a RingByName account and an Alexa device. Alternatively, Echo can also be linked to the Skype conference tool, which is particularly practical in the health home office. Our Alexa phone overview shows further options.

Use Alexa in the office – practical skills for tools and applications

Other tasks are often required in the office than making appointments and making calls. At this point, Amazon also comes up with practical skills that link Alexa to important tools:

Control cloud services with Alexa: With the Cloud admin skill users control the AWS cloud service (Amazon Web Service) with Alexa. For example, you can call up your own lambda functions, manage EC2 instances or analyze invoices – very easily using Alexa voice commands.

Create support tickets: Will Ticket Now Skill connects to his AWS and ServiceNow account, can easily create and manage support tickets with the help of Alexa. The skill turns Alexa into a useful co-worker who, when called, provides information about ticket processes.

Analyze data structure: Algorithms are an integral part of the online world. The helps in recognizing the temporal complexity of a data structure Runtime helper skill. It analyzes the data structure of a search algorithm, for example, and provides information about average access, search, insertion or deletion times.

Skills for short breaks in the office or the start of the day

Everyday life in the office can only be effective if you regain strength through breaks. The following skills are particularly suitable for a break or in the morning before starting work as a productive routine.

The small Amazon Echo Dot speaker is suitable for the office

The small Amazon Echo Dot speaker is suitable for the office

(Anthony Brown / Adobe Stock)

Dictate thoughts: A diary can be as useful as creating lists. Alexa is with that Daily Log Skill not just an assistant, but also a secretary. Because users can dictate thoughts that are then saved. If you are concerned about the privacy and security of your data, you can secure the spoken diary entries with a PIN.

Technology quiz: If you want to prove your knowledge of technology (colleagues or yourself) you get with the Technical knowledge skill a good opportunity to do so. A duel breaks up breaks and, depending on the success of the candidates, leads to laughter and thus a good working atmosphere.

Stay informed: If you want to stay informed about the most important news before going to the office or during the break, we recommend that Skill Daily Review. In this way, employees keep an overview of current events, events and news, even outside of everyday office issues.

Hobbyist: If you are not yet convinced of the wide range of skills, you can use the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Become a developer yourself and create your own skills. Perhaps this will create another practical Alexa application for the office in your free time.

Conclusion to use Alexa in the office – Echo with a fixed space at the desk

Users can enjoy many advantages if an Amazon Echo has a fixed place on the desk and useful Alexa skills are set up. Alexa reminds of appointments, the Echo loudspeaker becomes a telephone replacement or serves as an important source of information about data and support tickets. This proves to be a real relief when working in the office or health home office.

However, office employees can also use the Smart Speaker in a very practical way by using Echo as a PC speaker.


Order now: Better sound and new design - the next generation's most popular voice assistant from Amazon.
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