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Amazon Echo Show 5: For Dads Who Want A Voice Assistant

When you think of cheap gifts for Father’s Day, you don’t necessarily think of a smart health connected screen. However, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is precisely a cheap smart health connected screen that will allow its user to place Alexa voice commands.

So the dad in your family can put it where he wants: in his room as a smart health connected alarm clock, on his desk to help him work, etc. Among other things, he will be able to use the 5.5-inch (960 x 480 pixels) touch screen to surf the web. In addition, he will be able to videoconference with other family members on Skype.

If the Audi is not the most successful, we must remember that it is a smart health connected screen and not a speaker. Of course, you can listen to your music on it, but you shouldn’t expect exceptional performance.

Today the smart health connected screen is 22% off on Amazon, or € 69.99 instead of its usual price of € 89.99.


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