Top 5 items for a smart health connected Father's Day Best smart health innovation

Father's Day arrives on June 21 and many of you may not have picked your gift yet. We offer a small selection that should appeal to all dads!

Bionic bird

This is THE favorite of this year (for now). It scored an excellent 4.8 / 5 in our Review, the best result in the history of It is the Bionic Bird, a smart health connected bird that can be controlled from your smartphone. Flapping its wings, like a real bird, the Bionic Bird offers more than entertainment, it's a real moment of poetry that we recommend to everyone!


PowerUp 3.0, the smart health connected paper plane

If your dad is over 30, he must have used a paper airplane once in his life. So, remember her childhood, only better. The PowerUp 3.0 is a smart health connected paper plane that can be controlled from your smartphone. The principle is simple, a small engine and a head that we fix on a paper plane and voila. Affordable, the toy convinced us during our comprehensive Review.

power up representation

Smartpen 2, the very good pen smart health connected by Equil

For a dad businessman, the pen is a common gift. But how about making it more exceptional by connecting it? Among the many pen tests we did, the Equil Smartpen 2 was the one that best convinced us. Responsive, easy to use for the right price, it even has the advantage of having a nice design. Do not hesitate to refer to our full Review to get a clearer opinion on the question.

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It’s almost one of the highlights of Father’s Day. Apple’s smartwatch is the envy of many, and if your daddy didn’t buy it, maybe he’s secretly hoping to get it. Although it did not convince us beyond measure, it nevertheless represents for many the Grail of the smart health connected watch. Still, we will still have to pay the price.

apple watch edition

Bebop Parrot and Skycontroller

For dads who love drones, we recommend a safe bet: the Parrot Bebop and its Skycontroller. Even if it’s not perfect, the thing is really fun and it would be damn difficult not to get a kick, especially with the Skycontroller. Still, if the investment of this accessory is expensive, it is not mandatory to enjoy a pleasant experience. For more information, we let you take a look at our dedicated Review.

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Valor, the first smart health connected bicycle sold in the world

For sports dads, biking is also an investment, but even if it means investing, you might as well do things well. We offer you the first smart health connected bike on the market today. Responding to the sweet name of Valor, the program is safety sensors and interactive feedback to help you drive better. En saving your route in the dedicated application, the Valor will guide you in your travels thanks to its LEDs indicating the direction to follow. In short, he's the best friend of bike fans. All the details in our article on the subject.

Vanhawks Valor


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