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Just a few days before Mother’s Day, the opportunity to show her mom that you love her with a nice gift. And what could be better than a smart health connected mom. Forget the scale, the vacuum cleaner or the iron, even if it is smart health connected. After all, the purpose of a gift is above all to please. The editorial team offers 5 smart health connected objects that could seduce your darling little mom.

Fitbit Charge HR, for the mom concerned about her daily activity

The smart health connected bracelet may be THE fashionable gift lately. Your mom may be curious about her daily activity and do time sports, so the Fitbit Charge HR is for her. Number of steps, calories expended, but also monitoring sleep, food and heart rate, everything is recorded and accessible from the small screen of the bracelet. It is clearly one of the best products for this price category (150 euros). We also did a full Review, which we advise you to take a look at.

Fitbit charge hr test

Parrot Rolling Spider, for a mother who has not lost her childhood soul

Moms also have the right to have fun. And as much to say that with the Rolling Spider, they should have something to do. Easy to use, but most damn fun, the Rolling Spider by Parrot can make a great gift. Anyway at the editorial office, everyone has their own and the shopping in the courtyard is on fire. The other advantage of this drone is its price. It is possible to find it for less than 90 euros on the internet, as much to say that it is a not too expensive introduction to the universe of drones.

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Bluetens, for a mom who likes to do good

Because being a mom means living at 300% an hour. Pain and muscle fatigue accumulate and yet they do not necessarily have time to go to the physiotherapist. Bluetens overcomes this problem. With small electrodes that are placed on the body, the muscles are stimulated more or less strongly as desired. It is therefore possible to do a bodybuilding session, but also a relaxation session. In short, a real well-being asset that will satisfy all mothers.

Bluetens electrodes on the way
Better than an abs session?

Millesia, for a sporty mom

Some mothers are very athletic, but watches for this use often lack femininity. Millesia offers a smart health connected bra that, in addition to maintaining the chest, gives information on your physical activity, but also advice to keep the line, get a thinner waist or guide your physical activity.

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<p><noscript><img class=Hélios, for moms who love music

Available for pre-order (and officially available on June 21), Hélios looks like a bomb in the middle of the Bluetooth headset. The device is indeed recharged by solar energy. 1 hour in the sun = 1 hour of battery. The maximum autonomy is announced at 16 hours listening. For having been able to quickly try it out, Hélios is worth making a pre-order gift, because if your mom likes music, it will be served. Powerful bass, slamming design, wireless and without headaches for recharging, if with that she’s not happy… The Review will be online soon, but we tell you, it's a bomb ! Count 249 euros to get it.

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