Top 10 smart health connected objects if you win the lottery Best smart health innovation

What would you do if tomorrow we announce that you are the lucky lotto winner? How would you invest your money?
We offer a top 10 to guide you through all the existing possibilities.

1- The smart health connected mirror

Mirror my beautiful mirror tell me who is the most smart health connected of this house. Do you count the time spent in front of a mirror, a window, a rear view mirror? Even more so the one spent in front of a phone, tablet or computer? Now with the smart health connected mirror you go from useful to pleasant. Late in the morning when you still have to prepare and check emails of the day ? No worries, this new piece of technology allows you to save time in all circumstances. Mail, weather, time, reminder of important things all you have to do is consult the following article!

Top 10 lotto objects

2- The smart health connected mattress

No more nights spent turning around, turning around without knowing what is preventing you from sleeping and waking up frustrated by this random sleep. With the smart health connected mattress to you knowing your sleep cycle. Not only does it tell you about your nights, but more than that, it promises you a restful and significantly improved sleep ! Capable of detecting your sleep cycles, your breathing, your movements, those tumultuous nights are over. Gravity-e-beconnect could do the trick. It is also sold from 629 euros. Your life as a sleeping beauty smart health connected.

Top 10 lotto objects

3 – The Apple drone

No you are not dreaming, this is a drone! We know nothing is official, but we can't help thinking about it. You may soon be the lucky holder of this tech caviar. Better localization, high quality camera or automatic piloting, the era of evolution is more than anything marked by the possibility of a flying toddler made in Apple. So convinced? We are I-gold.

Top 10 lotto objects

4 – A curved 4K smart health connected TV

Samsung surprises us once again with its curved HU8500 television. At the cutting edge of technology (backlighting, high definition, 3D, smart health connected service …) this is a screen that will perfectly dress your living room. Breathtaking realism, exquisite depth of image accentuated by the 3D glasses delivered with the television, the most real virtual living room experience. In addition a One connect box with scart sockets, YUV and composite accompany it as well as the possibility of share content from your devices on your screens for sharing in all good all honor at the average price of 1900 €. So is not life beautiful ?

Connected TV

5 – The apple because

The apple cult is definitely going on and we cannot turn a blind eye to it! Autonomous car to be unveiled in 2019, autonomous driving, but not that, perfectly equipped and comfortable, an almost second place to live. Apple continues to tickle our curiosity at a time when minds are only looking to turn to what can amaze them. With the numerous hacks of recent autonomous cars, we hope thatApple will be able to get around this annoying aspect of these new developments. Case to follow…

Apple Car

6 – The Robomow mower

What good is it to have free time if it is to occupy it with household chores? To this Robomow offers us his robot mower. Fully autonomous, with the capacity to mow 3000 m² (half a football field) and controllable by smartphone, the device allows you to take care of your garden while doing something else. Equipped with theft alert function or even when the surface to be mowed is adjusted, Robomow offers us a real technological renewal regarding the future of our gardens. However, it will take between € 849 and € 2,699 to be able to grab one of these little innovations.

Top 10 lotto objects

7 – Apple Watch Gold Edition

As if the Apple Watch was not expensive enough, the Gold version which can go up to 18,000 euros will be perfect to dress your wrist as a new millionaire …

Apple Watch Gold, a luxury item?

8 – Recon Jet

For any regular sportsman, managing his calls and sms in the middle of a sports session remains of doubtful comfort. Also Recon Instruments offers its glasses directly smart health connected to your smartphone. Calls, sms, GPS, photos, videos now everything is possible and simplified. In order to push the passion for sport even further, it is also possible to smart health connected the glasses to cardinal or thoracic devices in order to collect different data. Also tactile, waterproof, these little gems are especially aimed at healed and passionate athletes! It will take approximately € 649 to own them.

Top 10 lotto objects

9 – The Ecocapsule

A real innovation which finds its place in a world where to live in a more ecological way and at the heart of concerns.Intelligent, ecological fireplace, suitable for athletes, or those who want a calm life by the sea, near a lake or a mountain this mini caravan on wheels offers the possibility ofto feed itself its rainwater filtration system, thermal insulation, wind turbine and solar collector. This comfortable, autonomous and elegant little cocoon will not be marketed until 2016. The price is not yet known, but you will have to expect to pay quite a substantial sum.

Top 10 lotto objects

10 – Tailio's litter box

What would we be without the fun company of our 4 legged friends. But to continue having them by our side, they must be maintained, this is what the Tailio litter offers us.Discreet, smart health connected to the smartphone is informative about the health of your cat (weight, frequency of visits, cleanliness of the litter) Tailio is your companion's companion! The data is stored in the cloud and can be viewed at any time. You will have to plan120 € to keep your cat healthy. It's expensive litter but after all. You are rich.

Top 10 lotto objects


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