The Xiaomi smart health connected scale will be sold for $ 15


Xiaomi invited journalists for a product presentation today. We expected an officialization of a smart health connected watch whose rumors were pressing. It is finally a smart health connected scale at $ 15 that the Chinese giant presented: the Mi Smart Scale. In addition, improvements on 4 existing products were announced.

Would the smart health connected Withings scale (at € 150…) have to worry about? At least that’s what the low-cost Chinese brand suggests, which has made the effort to present a product that is aesthetically appealing. With an LED screen that lights up as soon as the user settles on the scale and a clean white glass surface, the Mi Smart Scale could well find its audience in Europe, where the brand has planned to launch its site. official shortly.

The Xiaomi scale completes its fitness offer

For now, Xiaomi has not provided all the information on this smart health connected scale. We just know that it will be able to weigh users between 5 and 150 kilos (display in lbs is also available), with an accuracy of 50 grams. The body mass index (BMI) will also be measured. Note that like that of its competitors Fitbit and Withings, the Xiaomi scale will be able to take the measurements of several family members. All information can be retrieved by Bluetooth 4.0 on an iOS or Android smartphone using the Mi Fit application. The latter already displays the information retrieved by the famous smart health connected bracelet of the brand, the Mi Band at $ 13. The latter is manufactured by the same entity as the one that will produce the Mi Smart Scale and which is called Huami.

His price ? 99 yuan, or about $ 15. The release date is not yet known.

Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app



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