The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has been officially presented in China

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7, a new version of the Chinese company’s famous Mi Band, was officially presented this Tuesday, May 24 in China. If it does not revolutionize the range, the bracelet offers some notable developments.

It was only a rumor until then, it is now official. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7, or Xiaomi Smart Band 7 if the smart health connected bracelet does indeed take this name internationally, was presented in China. The promise remains the same: to offer a product with excellent value for money, to make some improvements, and to continue to make it the best-selling bracelet in the world.

For this, Xiaomi has integrated a 1.62-inch AMOLED screen into the bracelet, when the previous version had a diagonal of 1.56 inches. A welcome development even if it will be difficult to perceive a real difference with the naked eye, Xiaomi speaking of a “screen viewing area” up 25%. Only daily use will potentially allow us to appreciate this small difference. This screen should also offer 500 nits of lighting.

You should know that two versions of the product exist, as for the Mi Band 6, one integrating an NFC chip and the other not. This plays only minimally on the weight of the Smart Band 7, which remains between 13.5 and 13.8 g (without the bracelet). Both versions have a 180 mAh battery (125 mAh on the Mi Band 6) which is supposed to offer a battery life of up to 14 days. Obviously, this estimate will depend on the use of each, a regular sportsman risking of course to exhaust it much more quickly. As for the charging time, it is estimated at 2 hours.

The level of sealing announced is 5 ATM, enough to allow it to resist sweating or bathing. That’s good, the bracelet offers up to 120 sport modes, heart rate measurement, and even the blood oxygenation rate (SPo2) already offered on the previous version. The prices announced in China are equivalent to 34 and 40 € depending on the model. We are now waiting for the marketing announcement in France to know the amount to be added to this starting base. It also remains to be seen whether the multiple colors unveiled for the rubber strap will be offered in our region.

Xiang Qin
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