The Withings Aura becomes compatible with Nest


The program Works with Nest is growing and today it is the Aura sleep sensor that is able to communicate with the smart smart health connected thermostat.

The Withings Aura is a smart health smart health connected object that allows you to track and improve your sleep. After a rough start, things seem to be back to normal and the sensor seems to have improved a lot.

Communication between the Nest thermostat and the Withings Aura improves the experience with both products. As soon as the Aura detects that you are sleeping, it sends a notification to the thermostat which will adjust the temperature between 17 ° and 20 °, this range being considered the most suitable for sleep, and it will not waste unnecessary electricity by heating too much during the night.

In the early morning, the Aura will notify the thermostat that the user is awake and he adjust the temperature appropriately for the start of the day. To discover the other members of the program Works with Nest, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide.

If you are users of both products, please give us your opinion on this combination in the comments.



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