The Sandbox Smart R2 coffee roaster hits the market

After the success of the R1 campaign, the company is now launching the next generation of its famous roaster: the Sandbox Smart R2 roaster. This roaster simplifies your coffee roasting ritual with the help of a smart app and cloud storage.

You can share with the community the personalized flavor of your coffee from different coffee beans by varying the roast levels. You can’t separate a good cup of coffee from well-roasted beans. But many professional coffee roasters are too expensive or too big to use at health home. Additionally, manual roasters make it difficult to control the temperature and the quality of the result can be unpredictable.

Operation of the Sandbox Smart R2 smart health connected roaster

As a health home roaster, the Sandbox Smart R2 offers a capacity of up to 19.5 oz; which is enough for an average bag of coffee. This is a good thing for heavy coffee drinkers. Instead of having to roast a batch every two or three days, you can roast a sufficient batch for a week.

The Sandbox Smart R2 roaster offers greater capacity and better insulation

The Sandbox Smart R2 roaster uses a removable drum and quartz heating tube for even roasting. This device promises the best flavor and aroma for your coffee beans.

The technology allows you to set the heating mode up to RoR35. Which means you can explore a variety of roast levels and flavors. It still features the same patented design of a door and latch; making it easy to pour and release the beans. A large window lets you follow the roasting process, seeing your beans go from light to dark. Which helps you set the right time for the next batch.

Significant improvements

Don’t worry about the noise of this machine. It emits about 65dB, that is to say the noise is as low as that of a person talking. She won’t bother you and your family. Each unit comes with a catcher that keeps beans from flying into your kitchen.

A coffee brush is also included to clean the collector. Also, in case you want to reduce smoke while roasting, you can purchase an additional F1 smoke extractor designed to work with the Sandbox Smart R2. It will reduce smoke to keep your health home smelling fresh.

connected roaster

The Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster comes with upgraded materials. It features an improved insulation system that helps the surface stay cool; protecting you from burns. It also helps ensure that this appliance does not overheat while roasting.

As it is a smart health smart health connected object, use the application to operate the Sandbox Smart R2 more easily. The app offers over 60 official profiles and includes default receiver settings for different grain types.

connected roaster 2

You can customize the setting to suit your needs, whether it’s adjusting the temperature, roasting time, fan power or drum speed. When your beans are ready, the app alerts you, there’s no need to keep your eyes on the machine all the time.


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