the public authorities are injecting an additional 650 million euros for digital health


The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced on June 29 a “massive reinvestment” in research and private and public health actors, promising 7 billion euros in investments in total.

Already the spearhead of the “My health 2022” plan for the transformation of the health system, the issue of digital health once again occupies a central place in the new “Health Innovation 2030” strategy.

“Digital health is an absolutely fundamental lever for accelerating both research, but above all this more personalized, more efficient, more predictive, preventive and participatory medicine,” Emmanuel Macron said on June 29.

“The health sector is historically rather under-digitized but I think we woke up collectively at the right time. There is no French delay on this subject,” he assured.

To accelerate the sector, he praised the merits of “a centralizing and Jacobin State” in the management of the “treasure” represented by health data, the keystone of the modernization of the system and of the “decompartmentalization” of the app.

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