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Rating of the noble fitness tracker Fitbit Luxe

If you are looking for a fitness tracker, there is no way around a Fitbit model. With Fitbit Luxe, fans of the brand get a particularly modern version. It comes along noble and looks chic. In addition to the standard version with a bracelet made of silicone material, a special edition with a jewelry bracelet is available.

In addition to the elegant look, Fitbit Luxe also scores with numerous tracking functions, such as blood oxygen or heart rate measurement and 20 training modes. From running to swimming, users can understand their sporting successes and improve them if desired. It is a pity that no GPS is integrated, in which case users still have to take their smartphone with them when jogging, for example.

Due to the numerous functions that can also control and reduce the stress level, we recommend a purchase for Fitbit Luxe. While the jewelry bracelets appeal to a female target group, the standard version with silicone bracelet, for example in plain black, is also suitable for men.

Chic fitness tracker with stress management index, sleep tracking, heart rate measurement and up to 5 days of battery life.

Benefits of Fitbit Luxe

Disadvantages Fitbit Luxe

  • Noble design
  • Blood oxygen measurement SpO2 and heart rate measurement
  • Waterproof
  • 20 training modes
  • Sleep tracking
  • Good battery life
  • Stress management
  • No integrated GPS
  • Fitbit Premium subscription required for detailed evaluation
  • No payment function

Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker – design and features in check

Fitbit Luxe impresses with its elegant design. The wristband of the standard version is made of silicone material that is comfortable to wear and is fastened around the wrist with a buckle. The case is also narrow and made of stainless steel. The Fitbit Luxe is a visual highlight and, thanks to its functional extras, it quickly becomes an indispensable accessory. Additional bracelets in a wide variety of materials are available on request. In the special version with a jewelry bracelet, Fitbit relies on the collaboration with Gorjana.

The built-in battery ensures a battery life of up to 5 days. The AMOLED display is narrow, but offers enough space to read the measured values ​​or the time, e.g. via the dial.

Sensors ensure that Fitbit Luxe can track various fitness values. These include a three-axis accelerometer, an optical heart rate monitoring and a red and infrared sensor for monitoring oxygen saturation (SpO2).

Fitbit Luxe– special features and functions

With Fitbit Luxe, the manufacturer is expanding its already very large and constantly growing range of fitness trackers. Fitbit Luxe has a very elegant design, which can be adapted to any situation, especially due to the variable bracelets. Chic jewelry bracelets allow the fitness tracker to be combined with an evening dress, for example.

Technically, Fitbit Luxe tracks numerous health and training values. These include: Continuous heart rate measurement, monitoring of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), all-day activity tracking, such as steps or calories burned, 20 training modes that are automatically recognized with the help of the SmartTrack function. For example, running or swimming, as Fitbit Luxe is water-repellent up to 50 meters. The fitness tracker can therefore be worn while showering without any problems. However, Fitbit recommends drying the Fitbit Luxe thoroughly afterwards in order to guarantee continued functionality.

Thanks to the built-in vibration motor, users can be gently woken up with Fitbit Luxe by vibrating their wrist. If the smartphone is nearby, Fitbit Luxe also notifies you of calls, messages or app notifications. If this is not desired, this can be paused via “Do not disturb mode”.

Fitbit scores with a chic and elegant design

Fitbit scores with a chic and elegant design


  • Sleep tracking: One of the basic tasks of fitness trackers is to control sleep. With Fitbit Luxe, users receive information about their sleep phases and a sleep index in the Fitbit app shows how well they really slept. However, if the information is to be evaluated more intensively, users need a Fitbit Premium subscription.
  • Blood oxygen measurement: Fitbit Luxe is able to measure the blood oxygen content (SpO2). Then average values ​​can also be viewed. Important: As with all health values ​​determined by fitness trackers, these are not intended for medical purposes and are only guidelines. If there are significant deviations in the measurement results, a doctor should be consulted.
  • Stress management: Fitbit Luxe not only helps you reach your athletic limits, but also helps you find peace. This can be achieved through stress management tools, minutes of mindfulness or guided breathing exercises. This is how users take a break from everyday life.

Installation and setup of the Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker

Before connecting to the smartphone, Fitbit Luxe should first be charged to at least 50 percent. Then only four steps are necessary to set up the Fitbit fitness tracker:

  1. Download Fitbit App (Android | iOS) and turn on Bluetooth
  2. Turn on Fitbit Luxe
  3. In the Fitbit app, tap on the profile picture, then select “Set up a device” and follow the instructions in the app
  4. If desired, set goals and settings to track health values, such as activity or sleep

What is Fitbit Luxe Compatible with?

Although Fitbit is owned by Google, the fitness tracker can be paired with Android and iOS smartphones. There is no monopoly, as is the case with Apple Smartwatches, which can only be smart health connected to an iPhone, for example.

What accessories are there for Fitbit Luxe?

In addition to the models with a bracelet made of silicone material, Fitbit also offers a Luxe version with a jewelry bracelet

In addition to the models with a bracelet made of silicone material, Fitbit also offers a Luxe version with a jewelry bracelet


Users can also buy additional Fitbit wristbands for the Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker. The noble model can be adapted for every occasion, whether it’s a short jogging round or a chic dinner with friends. Fitbit offers bracelets in leather, for example, but also jewelry bracelets made of metal or stainless steel.

Have you already tested Fitbit Luxe?

No, Fitbit Luxe was recently announced and won’t be available until the end of May. If there are initial tests, we will add them here. (As of: 05/2021)

Fitbit Luxe pricing and availability

Fitbit Luxe was announced for May 31, 2021, but can already be pre-ordered. The RRP for the standard version is 149.95 euros. Users can choose between the three colors black / stainless steel graphite, moon white / stainless steel soft gold and orchid / stainless steel platinum. With the purchase, users receive six months of Fitbit Premium free of charge.

Chic fitness tracker with stress management index, sleep tracking, heart rate measurement and up to 5 days of battery life.

A special edition with an elegant chain as a ribbon has been announced for mid-June. The price here is 199.95 euros (as of 05/2021).

Fitbit Charge 4 as an alternative to Fitbit Luxe

If you value integrated GPS and want to leave your smartphone at health home while jogging, we recommend Fitbit Charge 4 as an alternative, because Fitbit Luxe unfortunately does not offer integrated GPS. Another plus point: At around 100 euros, Fitbit Charge 4 is also cheaper than the RRP of Fitbit Luxe. (As of: 05/2021)

Fitness tracker with integrated GPS, sleep analysis, heart rate measurement, activity tracking.  Including smartphone notifications and quick replies. -30%

Fitness tracker with integrated GPS, sleep analysis, heart rate measurement, activity tracking. Including smartphone notifications and quick replies.

What does a Fitbit Premium subscription offer?

With a Fitbit Premium subscription, users get access to even more detailed breakdowns of the collected values. For example, when it comes to measuring blood oxygen or analyzing the quality of sleep. In addition, users can start games with friends and compare values ​​or use exercises for an individual program and workouts.

How much does a Fitbit Premium subscription cost?

If you have never taken out a Fitbit subscription, you have the option of a free, three-month trial period.

There are two different subscription options. The monthly version is 8.99 euros per month. Members pay 79.99 euros for the Fitbit Premium subscription. In a direct comparison, the annual subscription is over 30 percent cheaper. (As of: 05/2021)

Fitbit Luxe in check – technical details

  • Color (standard version): Black / Stainless Steel Graphite, Fitbit Luxe, Moon White, Fitbit Luxe, Orchid
  • Dimensions: 3.63 x 1.75 x 1 cm
  • Radio link: Bluetooth
  • Sensors & components: Triaxial accelerometer, optical heart rate monitoring, vibration motor, red and infrared sensor for monitoring oxygen saturation (SpO2)
  • Bracelet size: Standard S and L
  • Charging: Electric wire
  • Display: AMOLED display
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Battery life: Up to 5 days
  • Tracking programs: Steps, distances, calories burned, cycling, cycle tracking, sleep tracking, stress tools, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen levels, 20 training modes, automatic tracking function, swimming
  • Integrated GPS: no
  • Water resistant: yes, up to a depth of 50 meters
  • particularities: Vibration alarm as an alarm clock, guided breathing exercises, Fitbit Premium subscription required for some functions or detailed evaluations, adjustable wristbands for every occasion from simple to classy



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