The Motorola Razr 2022 almost completely revealed in a short video

American leaker Evan Blass unveils a short GIF in which we can see a manipulated 3rd generation Motorola Razr. The opportunity to discover the complete design, or almost, of the folding smartphone.

While the first rumors are still fresh, the first concrete images of the upcoming Motorola Razr 2022 are already showing. The famous leaker Evan Blass posted on his Twitter account a short GIF revealing quite precisely the design of the next folding smartphone from the Lenovo brand.

A more consensual model

Even if we could have guessed it with the first visuals that appeared on the web, the general aesthetic adopted by this third generation of Razr will be far removed from the two previous ones. Thus, playing on the nostalgia of the clamshell Razr of the 2000s no longer seems to be the priority of Motorola, which this time seems launched to offer a smartphone capable of overshadowing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The GIF shared by Evleaks reveals both the inside and the outside of the phone. On the external part are visible the two photo modules as well as the touch screen, which seems a little larger than before. As expected, the internal part has a larger slab, with reduced borders, but above all we note the disappearance of the characteristic chin that the Razr range. The crease doesn’t seem too marked — it’s not visible on the GIF, erased by the poor quality of these images. An excellent point, which should offer the same sensations of use as with the two previous models. The fingerprint sensor is now placed on the edge of the phone, on its start button, which is increasingly common on competing smartphones. Finally, a punch appears in place of the notch.

Such a big leak foreshadows other very likely ones leaks coming. Motorola has already officially communicated on the device, announcing that its Razr would ship a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which clearly indicates the ambitions of the manufacturer. The announcement of the smartphone should in principle take place by July.

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