The M&D Debrief: good French Days plans, we’ll talk again about Matter, Jeedom news, batteries for smart health connected objects, etc.


Like every week, today I am offering you the debrief of the week on health home automation, the smart health home, and smart health connected objects.

This week were announced the new batteries Duracell Optimum, specially adapted to new uses, including smart health connected objects. Like it or not, batteries are an important part of a smart health connected health home today. Already in tests at health home, it is still too early to have a return on their autonomy, announced up to 200 times longer. But we will come back to it in a few months 😉

The other articles of the week mainly concern the house, a large part of the week having been devoted to the tips of the French Days 🙂

Good deals not to be missed

Many good plans took place this week, in particular thanks to the launch of the French Days, which had been postponed. Some offers are still in progress:

Other information not to be missed on the net

Our colleagues have also published many very interesting articles, which I invite you to consult:

With that, I wish you a great weekend, and take good care of yourself!


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