The glass of the Withings Pop would be (very) fragile


Withings is once again in turmoil. Last December, the CEO of the company was forced to apologize in an open letter to his customers for the poor technical quality of his sleep sensor, the Withings Aura. Cédric Hutchings blamed this failure on the too hasty marketing of his product. Obviously, he would not have learned the lesson since his latest activity sensor, the Pop Activity, which was formalized in early January (and marketed the next day in the United States) is drawing the wrath of many users. .

In this case, it would be the quality of the screen that would be in question since the glass of several copies has crackedor even completely broken. Faced with the sufficiently explicit photos on Twitter, Withings undertook to exchange the smart health connected bracelet, and in this way extremely quickly. This problem is not about to happen with its more upscale big sister the Withings Activity (390 €, cons), since the screen is made of synthetic sapphire. The Pop Activity has a classic mineral glass lined with a domed shape, which would obviously be the source of the problem.

In short, if the whole world was impatiently awaiting the Pop Activity, it would seem that Withings has once again omitted quality to the detriment of its rapid commercialization. A new failure which could be detrimental to the specialist in French smart health connected objects.

And the Tweetos are having a blast …

Our colleagues at health home have also collected a few Tweets on this subject …



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