The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could have a monstrous battery

Samsung could release a brand new version of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with a monster battery, according to a Korean certification.

The filing, spotted by Sammobile for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, reveals a codename for the new smartwatch, and lists a 572mAh battery among the specs. Which could be a huge upgrade over the current size.

The 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is equipped with a 361 mAh battery. That could mean a 60% increase in time away from the charger. So what are the odds it’s a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro; and not a completely new model?

The Korean certification says the model number is SM-R925, while the Galaxy Watch 4 was RM-825. Which indicates a generation jump. And Sammobile cites unnamed sources that a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is in the works; while specifying that the project could be put in box.

We don’t have any further details on what the Galaxy Watch 5 might contain. However, it will be interesting to see how Samsung tackles the size issue. It won’t be easy to fit a 60% larger battery into a 45mm watch case without increasing the size.

So what about the Galaxy Watch 5 in general? We’ve got a handful of worthwhile rumours, ahead of a likely August or September 2022 release date. We’ve reported that Samsung is increasing the battery size of its standard Galaxy Watch 5 devices; going from 247mAh to 276mAh on the 40mm version. Also, there have also been rumors that Samsung will include a temperature sensor in its next generation smartwatch.

There’s still a lot of pressure on Samsung to increase battery life, as it still only offers a single day away from the charger. This contrasts with brands like Huawei and Amazfit, both of which offer strong alternatives to Samsung; with weeks of battery life and similar features.



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