The first "grand prix mondial" of the French Academy of Telemedicine is preparing


This award "marks a milestone, that of the deployment of telemedicine and the growing importance it occupies in the public debate after its entry into the common law, its integration into medical and pharmaceutical conventions and the reimbursement of teleconsultation and tele-expertise by health insurance, "said the French Academy of Telemedicine.

Telemedicine is reimbursed since September 2018, it is recalled.

The world grand prize for telemedicine "will be selected and awarded by a mixed jury composed of the members of the National Academy of Medicine and founding members of the French Academy of Telemedicine," said the institution.

It includes several categories: autonomy and solidarity, African continent, medical deserts, Euro-Mediterranean, habitat, artificial intelligence, aging well, visual health and a prize "for telemedicine and continental excellence".

The French Telemedicine Academy was created in December 2018 to "support the National Academy of Medicine in the field of the contribution of new technologies to health", it is recalled.


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