the evening captain smart health bracelet

Vive is a smart health connected bracelet that monitors your blood alcohol level and acts like a real evening captain.

VIVE, the new Sam evening captain

"If you don't have Sam you have the only thing". A new smart health connected bracelet comes to counter this alcohol prevention campaign. Vive, is a smart health connected bracelet created by the design school of the University of Washington. Its goal ? Protect the wearer in the event of an over-watered evening. This bracelet is anchored in the fight against sexual assault and other accidents related to alcohol consumption.

VIVE features

viva connects via bluetooth to the smartphone via an application for the moment compatible iOS. he measures the blood alcohol level of its wearer as well as its dehydration level thanks to sensors placed on the skin.
It also detects sudden movements and in case of a suspicious situation, it starts to vibrate. If all goes well, the owner will not press the bracelet and it will stop vibrating. Otherwise, if he receives nothing, he owner's drunkenness judge and in real danger he tell friends and / or help.
The bracelet also has a GPS function to locate his friends and the person in danger.

Connect with other VIVE carriers

Besides its security aspect, Vive c’est also a community. Through simple contact, the wearer can then connect to other bracelet wearers during the evening and then sort it out.

The bracelet was Winner in July 2014 of the “Best product concept” prize”At the conference Microsoft Research Design Expo 2014. For now Vive is still a prototype. The creators are looking to improve the sensors because they are not yet able to differentiate between the different stages of BAC.

VIVE, the new evening captain

A real solution?

It’s a bracelet full of promise that seems a little too daring. The connection part and the community aspect do not displease me on the contrary.
The problem lies in its main function. How can a bracelet judge a person's drunkenness? But above all, nothing prevents me even from having drunk too much from pressing my bracelet to signal that everything is fine. Moreover, Will my friends be sober enough to come to my rescue? And it is not this bracelet that will prevent me from driving while intoxicated …
Last problem: the sudden motion detector. I like to dance … if at each dance step, at each jump, I have to press my bracelet, I might as well sit still.



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