The Digital Alliance against COVID-19 launches the CoronaPsy platform


To guide the French in the assessment and management of their mental health, the Digital Alliance against COVID-19 is opening the platform. Presentation.

For more than a year, the epidemic has weighed heavily on the morale of all families. Stress, boredom, weariness, fear, insecurity, isolation promote the emergence and increase of anxiety and depressive symptoms with multiple expressions, from sadness to suicidal thoughts.

To face this context, the Digital Alliance against COVID-19 is launching to help nearly 20 million French people regain their morale. The objective of this website is to support the French in helping with screening and taking charge of their mental health. In particular, it allows tens of millions of French people to be tested very quickly.

The idea is to set up a device that can Review the mental health of every French person wishing to know their clinical condition which has been damaged since the start of the pandemic. The platform makes it possible to obtain free and anonymous help with referral to care adapted to each situation of French people and thus to be informed of the offer proposed by the government and health insurers. was designed to best support our fellow citizens in this difficult period. ”Explains Professor Fabrice Denis.

A platform for all French people is a platform that allows all people from 7 to 90 years old to self-assess, observe, detect, learn and find the best orientation adapted to their situation.

  • The interactivity of the Review, validated by a scientific committee, makes it possible to be informed about the criteria which should lead to a consultation. These questions come in particular from the HAD questionnaire (Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale) recommended by the Haute Autorité de health (HAS)
  • The follow-up recommendation is neutral and adapted to each clinical situation
  • An orientation towards solutions put in place by the public authorities, insurers and complementary health insurance is offered to everyone to better identify themselves and organize their care if it proves necessary.

Particular attention is paid to user privacy and data security. The constantly evolving site does not use third-party visitor tracking tools. The Review can be used without specifying its identity and it is free. The data is stored in the strictest respect for security, confidentiality and the regulations in force at a French host, on the national territory. The anonymous data collected will make it possible to follow the evolution in real time of the mental health of French people with the aim of optimizing care.

The 11 partners of the Digital Alliance involved in

The Digital Alliance against Covid-19 is an informal consortium of health, insurance and technology players, brought together in March 2020 under the leadership of Professor Fabrice Denis and the start-up Kelindi to bring together energies and innovation around the fight against the coronavirus in reinforcement of the actions of the public authorities and in support of research institutes.

Its first coronavirus disease initiative, launched by a strong Alliance of 22 partners, was very noticed and used by 14 million French people.

It made it possible to orient visitors in the event of suspicion of COVID-19 and to reduce the pressure on the emergency services, particularly hard-pressed during the first epidemic peak. In 2021, the Digital Alliance against Covid-19 is back on the front lines of the epidemic with a system open to all to help with screening and management of their mental health ( while the pressure rises on this subject and that the situation becomes critical or worrying.

Source: Digital Alliance against Covid-19


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