What’s the first & latest AI Bike on the Market?

What’s the world’s first AI bike?What’s the latest AI Bike on the Market?Carol exercise bike is an AI-powered bike that helps you take care of your fitness. The Carol bike is not just a fitness bike, it is a personal trainer that specializes in indoor cycling. It was created to help people get into shape despite their busy schedules. The bike has the ability to read your weight, measure your fat percentage, and track your daily calorie intake. With this information, the app will create personalized workouts for you every day.

Carol AI-Powered Exercise Bike. Get a personalized effective workout


CAROL (Cardiovascular Optimization Logic) is a smart AI-powered exercise bike that empowers users to get fit, regardless of their age or fitness levels. CAROL combines science, engineering and AI to deliver results with personalized short, smart, scientific workouts that have measurable results using REHIT (Reduced Exertion High-Intensity Training). CAROL workouts deliver maximum fitness and health benefits in the minimum amount of time.  CAROL is owned by Integrated Health Partners and is based in the UK.

REHIT is a time-efficient alternative to traditional HIIT, but the difference is that REHIT workouts only take 8 minutes and 40 seconds that include two briefs, but hard, 20-second sprints that push the body to its limits. REHIT has been scientifically proven to give you double the health and fitness benefits 20% of the time compared to traditional exercise. 

CAROL was initially invented for people with serious health issues like diabetes and insulin resistance but who struggled to exercise. CAROL now has over 10,000 users worldwide benefiting from tailor-made workouts that are improving their health and fitness. The inventors of CAROL are on a mission to change the way we think about fitness with its game-changing short, personalized workouts. Anyone can work out on CAROL bikes to get fitter and healthier, whatever their age or ability.


ISO 22398:2013 recommends good practice and guidelines for an organization to plan, conduct, and improve its exercise projects which may be organized within an exercise program.

Unique fitness bike on the Market

New research proves that short rides on the CAROL bike burns more calories than working out on a treadmill.

The results recently published by the American Council on Exercise (Quantifying EPOC After REHIT, by Lance C. Daleck, PhD, Aidan M. Dalleck and Bryant R. Byrd, MSc with Daniel J. Green, August 2022) are significant because a meaningful increase in EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption) over the long term can have an important impact on calorie expenditure and help people achieve weight loss and weight maintenance and improve their fitness.

Initially published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Research, the study compared the metabolic responses and EPOC to moderate and vigorous treadmill workouts to shorter, REHIT (reduced exertion high intensity training) rides on a CAROL bike.


The researchers at the High Altitude Exercise Physiology Program at Western Colorado University, led by Lance Dalleck, PhD, found that overall energy expenditure of a REHIT session on a CAROL bike, i.e. calories burned during exercise and calories burned via EPOC after training on the CAROL fat burn ride, was more than 2.5 times greater than vigorous intensity treadmill exercise. EPOC following the CAROL 8 minute and the 40-second intense ride was two times greater than moderate intensity treadmill exercise.


Lance Dalleck, PhD, says: “Exercise guidelines often talk about the benefits of exercise being tied to energy expenditure, but it’s important to understand that energy is expended both during and after a bout of exercise. This study reveals that one of the mechanisms that shorter REHIT workouts can do is elicit comparable benefits to traditional moderate-intensity exercise of a longer duration.”


The CAROL bike (Cardiovascular Optimization Logic) is an AI-powered exercise bike that combines science, engineering, and AI with personalized short, intelligent, scientific workouts that deliver measurable results using REHIT. REHIT workouts on CAROL are scientifically proven to give you double the health and fitness benefits in 20% of the time compared to traditional exercise. AI-powered sessions on CAROL give you the cardiorespiratory benefits of a 45-minute run in 8 minutes 40 seconds.


This latest study of over 30 healthy people between the ages of 25 and 76 provides a gold-standard measure of the exercise energy expended during the CAROL bike’s fat burn and intense rides. And, secondly, it provides scientific evidence to support the notion that personalized, true REHIT performed on the CAROL bike contributes to a significantly greater increased post-exercise metabolism. This means that more calories are burned after exercising, leading to further training adaptations over time than traditional workouts.


The overall energy expenditure (i.e., caloric expenditure during exercise and calories burned via EPOC) of two CAROL rides and two bouts of treadmill exercise can be seen in the table below.

Energy expenditure of traditional moderate-intensity and vigorous-intensity treadmill (TM) exercise compared to CAROL intense and fat burn rides

ACE sponsored two earlier studies exploring REHIT on the CAROL bike. The first study (May 2019) quantified acute and chronic responses and found that REHIT workouts elicited more potent and time-efficient improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiometabolic health than traditional moderate-intensity continuous training. The second study (December 2019) found that REHIT can combat the harmful side effects of a sedentary lifestyle and can be an important, time-efficient strategy to motivate people to exercise.


“HIIT and REHIT are often talked about in terms of performance and fitness, but this research shows that ramping up EPOC can help people achieve weight loss with just a short bout of exercise. This can have an important impact on the overweight and obesity epidemic”, says Dr Dalleck.

Is there a Best Time to Buy a CAROL Exercise Bike?

CAROL offers an amazing 100-day home trial.

Financing options are available.

CAROL costs $2395, and there are three bundle packages available.

· The Essential is $2395 – with a 1-year warranty

· The Standard bike is $2595 – with a 2-year warranty, chest belt and tablet holder

· The Premium Bike Bundle is $2795 – with a 3-year warranty, chest belt, tablet holder, floor mat and bottle holder.

A Black Friday deal you don’t want to miss – get $250 off the amazing CAROL bike

If you want to give yourself or your loved ones the gift of fitness this holiday season, then grab this great discount on the CAROL AI-powered exercise bike now. 

Hailed by PC Magazine as the bike of the future, CAROL is the first AI bike that gives you personalized, short, effective cardio workouts in just 8 minutes and 40-second (with two maximum intensity sprints of only 20 seconds each). 

Working out on a CAROL bike will help you get fit, improve your health, help you lose weight, increase your longevity and save time; and the great news is you only need to do three short rides a week to see measurable results in only eight weeks.

A ride on CAROL gives you the same health and fitness benefits as a 45-minute run with a lot less effort, and from Black Friday to the end of Cyber Monday week, there is an incredible $250 off CAROL with free delivery in the US and a 100 day free home trial. 

It sounds too good to be true that you can get these incredible results by working out for only 8 minutes and 40 seconds, but the science behind this claim has been proven in multiple peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Loved by biohackers like Dave Asprey and fitness pros, CAROL has a 10,000 rider base and is suitable for use by any age and fitness level. Some CAROL owners say that a REHIT workout (REHIT is a time-efficient alternative to HIIT) on CAROL is like “Peloton on steroids”.

REHIT workouts are scientifically proven to give you double the health and fitness benefits in 20% of the time compared to traditional exercise. CAROL is ideal for home workouts and suitable for any age or fitness level, helping you get in shape fast. 

We’re so confident in the benefits of working out on CAROL that we’re now offering a 100-day home trial, risk-free. If you don’t love the bike, you can send it back within 100 days and get a full refund. 

Working out on CAROL for eight weeks will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 62% (the same as taking Metformin), lower blood pressure by 5%, reduce triglycerides by 10%, increase good cholesterol by 6%, improving cardiorespiratory fitness by 12%, and reduce blood sugar by 2%.  A true REHIT workout burns more calories post-exercise than other forms of cardio.

The Black Friday offer of $250 off the regular price of $2395 is only available from the CAROL website for a limited period (Black Friday through Cyber Monday Week). Use coupon code BlackFriday250. 


The CAROL bike has multiple peer-reviewed studies, including the prestigious American Council on Exercise, four academic partnerships, an active R&D program, and a data science team.

See here for scientific studies and downloadable research papers, please.

Please talk to your doctor before starting any exercise regime.


How to Choose the Right One for You?

To start with, you must make sure that each bike comes with a unique function that will help you get in shape. Make sure that you understand that a good, affordable bike should offer a wide range of features in order to meet your fitness goals. After all, you have a busy lifestyle to handle, and you want to make sure that you are going to reach your fitness goals in a timely manner. Although you don’t need a lot of space in your home to keep your bike, you must make sure that it is not too heavy or too big. You need it to be sturdy and efficient. If you have a small or modest house, a light and compact bike might be better for you.


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