The Aktiia bracelet uses light to monitoring blood pressure

The Aktiia bracelet is perfect for people with hypertension. People often have to measure their blood pressure using a cuff several times a day. Not only is this method tedious, but it does not always provide a complete picture of the problem.

The Aktiia bracelet uses photoplethysmography

The Aktiia bracelet was officially launched during CES 2022. The hardware part of the system consists of a wearable that the user constantly wears on his wrist. Using an existing process known as photoplethysmography, this device emits pulses of green light that pass through the skin and enter the underlying arteries.

Thus, by analyzing how this light is returned to the photoreceptors located under the bracelet, it is possible to determine how the diameter of the arteries changes with each heartbeat.

Then this information is used to calculate the wearer’s current blood pressure. Data is displayed in real time on a wirelessly linked smartphone app; which also keeps a record of the readings. The goal is for users (and their doctors) to be able to see how their blood pressure is changing over time. One hundred and fifty readings are taken automatically each week; day or night, and in multiple body positions.

The Aktiia bracelet uses light to monitor blood pressure 1

Greater everyday comfort

In contrast, manual cuff-style readings tend to be taken much less often; and under a narrower range of conditions. Also, because cuffs can be uncomfortable, patients’ blood pressure may be higher than normal during these readings.

The Aktiia bracelet has already undergone clinical trials in Europe and will soon be evaluated in a US trial to be conducted in partnership with Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Finally, the Aktiia bracelet is currently sold for around 271 dollars.


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