The Complete Guide of Telemedicine For Smart Health

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What’s telemedicine?What is the role of telemedicne in smart health?What is the THE CHALLENGES OF TELEMEDICINE?How can telemedicine benefit your health?This telemedicine guide give you the answer.

Today, there is no longer any technical obstacle in the field of telemedicine. The stakes are clear:Minimize certain inequalities in access to care, especially for patients in isolation.

Give an organizational and technical response to the numerous epidemiological (increase in the number of patients suffering from chronic diseases and / or poly-pathologies), demography of health professionals (uneven distribution of health professionals on the national territory) and economic challenges ( budget constraint) facing the health system today.

Improve the quality and efficiency of care in an environment where medical resources are becoming increasingly scarce and where technicality means concentrating more and more resources and expertise in a limited number of places.


What is telemedicine?One of the components of “telehealth” and “e-health” is telemedicine.

Telemedicine is a medical practice which connects them by means of new technologies: Either the patient and one or more health professionals, including a medical professional,
Or several healthcare professionals, including at least one medical professional.

It permits :
To establish a diagnosis,
To ensure, for a patient at risk, follow-up in the context of prevention or post-therapeutic follow-up, To require a specialized opinion,
To prepare a therapeutic decision,
Prescribe products, prescribe or perform services or acts, Monitor the condition of patients.

The 5 telemedicine acts that can be performed are as follows:
Teleconsultation: a doctor gives a remote consultation to a patient, who can be assisted by a healthcare professional. The patient and / or the professional by his side provide the information, the remote doctor makes the diagnosis.

Tele-expertise: a doctor remotely requests the opinion of one or more colleagues on the basis of medical information related to the care of a patient.

Monitoring: a doctor monitors and interprets a patient’s medical parameters remotely. The recording and transmission of data can be automated or carried out by the patient himself or by a healthcare professional.

Medical assistance: a doctor remotely assists another healthcare professional during the performance of an act.
Medical regulation: the doctors in the centers establish a first diagnosis by telephone in order to determine and trigger the response best suited to the nature of the call.


Telemedicine does not always provide the institution with a financially satisfactory return on investment, but it does bring many benefits to management, caregivers and patients. All the more if it is part of a global approach of the establishment.

Telemedicine is bringing about many changes as a vector for a new organization of care. The existence of
telemedicine is already real and its inevitable development.

This practical guide has been designed for private clinics and hospitals and offers many entry points into telemedicine. He details his many contributions for each of the players, in order to approach the growth of your establishments with ambition and improve their efficiency. They are summarized in the diagram below:

On the ground, professionals are sometimes hesitant about these new practices and, in a field where the amount of information disseminated is sometimes destabilizing, often struggle to find specific elements, adapted to their concerns and their professions. specific. This is particularly the case for private health establishments which are lagging behind in the deployment of telemedicine compared to public health establishments.

Why and how to use telemedicine in the private sector? According to what funding? What are the brakes and levers depending on the area addressed?

This guide has therefore been constructed in the form of files by possible fields of application of telemedicine (cardiology, oncology, dialysis, wounds, etc.). We hope that these successful experiences will encourage you to invest in the field now. of telemedicine because everything is played out now!





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The Complete Guide of Telemedicine For Smart Health
The Complete Guide of Telemedicine For Smart Health
$7.98 $78.00

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