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Why use a smart health connected wristband in swimming?

While there aren't many sport-specific swim smartbands yet, smart fitness devices now offer automatic motion detection, accurate lap and distance tracking in the pool and open water, and some even offer fairly accurate heart rate monitoring in the water.If you are one of those who like to swim ...

Which smart health connected wristbands for women?

Why have to choose between technology and fashion? The smart health connected wristband is increasingly used in our daily routine, and therefore being able to wear it all day without bumping is essential. This article will help you find the perfect women's smart wristband that combines ...

Learn how to use a cardio wristband properly

A few years ago, the smart health connected wristband was mainly used by high-level athletes, but today its use has become more democratic and is a necessary part of physical activity. The smart wristband has become an extension of the mobile phone that allows you to receive messages, display ...

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