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Do Fat Burners Work?How Do Fat Burners Work?

The fat burner food supplements are supposed to promote the elimination of fat and activate the metabolism in order to shed our extra pounds. What do they contain, what is their action and are they really effective?How Do Fat Burners Work? " ...

Five tips how to exercise well with an elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer is a complete sport that tones the cardiovascular system and works all the muscles in the body. You still have to know how to use it. How to exercise well?Here are 5 tips to boost your training efficiency, stay motivated, and ...

How to easily clean an oven?

The oven is a household appliance that gets dirty particularly quickly: grease residues, leftover food or bad smells ... It is difficult to clean, especially when the dirt is dirty. How to clean an oven easily?ABSMARTHEALTH presents several methods ...

Withings customer service: how to get the right contact?

Withings offers connected objects related to e-health. Have you purchased a Withings smart health object and wish to contact Withings customer service? Or do you want information on the brand's products? We help you find the right Withings contact. ...

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How to sell digital health products online?Discover 3 useful tools

Do you want to sell a product for download?Wellness,health,fitness......How to sell digital health products online? You may be wondering how you are going to charge your customers and how they will access your product without having to monitor ...

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How to choose a connected smart watch?Read this simple useful buying guide before you buy

Connected watches warn of the arrival of a message, vibrate when called, display events in your calendar. They are also able to track your daily physical activity and give the weather. Many very different models are available. But your choice will ...

How to flirt smart health connected with the Internet of Things Best smart health innovation

If you’re alone, don’t think it’s all your fault. You may just not have the right equipment! Now it's time to flirt smart health connected: swimsuit, bracelets, smartwatches, and even sex toys, discover our selection of smart ...

Full 180 ° diving mask: how to choose well? Best smart health innovation

Scuba diving is a growing sport. More than 350,000 people practice it regularly in France. To be able to discover the unfathomable domain of Poseidon is a dream for many of us. But to get the most out of it, you need to have good ...

Opinion, Price, Which one to choose? Best smart health innovation

Losing your keys is a daily hassle that happens to all of us, a mishap that can waste time and generate stress. Fortunately, thanks to the smart health connected key rings, this annoyance is now a thing of the past. These little ...

how to avoid getting contaminated while shopping?

The containment measures still allow us to shop for food and basic necessities. But some fear being infected with the coronavirus on this occasion. Packaging, fruit and vegetables, money ... What are the real risks? Our advice for shopping safely.To ...

how to decipher studies and figures?

Hundreds of deaths announced every day, exponential contamination curves, frightening projections and risky comparisons: a short guide to understanding and interpreting the deluge of figures on the coronavirus epidemic.By worry of " ...

Psychological and containment: how to maintain follow-up

As of the second day of confinement, WHO was giving advice on preserving everyone's mental health. Psychologists who have closed their offices face a 90% drop in their patient base, whereas, on the contrary, maintaining contact with ...

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