Suunto Peak 5 a light, complete and affordable smart health connected watch

The Suunto 5 Peak is a powerful mid-range sports smartwatch ready to do battle with Garmin and Polar.

Suunto Peak 5 a light, complete and affordable smart health connected watch

Price 299 $ | suunto (Finland since 1936) | Discover the latest smart health connected watches.

Faced with Garmin’s strong offensive with the releases of the Venu 2 Plus, the Fenix ​​7 series and the excellent Epix 2, the Finnish manufacturer is presenting its new, much more accessible smart health connected watch.

Design: a lightweight unisex smartwatch

Suunto 5 Peak, the follow-up to 2019’s Suunto 5, is 41% lighter than its predecessor and weighs only 39 grams. To put that into context, it’s significantly lighter than the recently announced Fenix ​​7X which tips the scales towards 80g.

It is equipped with a 43mm case fairly unisex and a 22mm silicone strap, so it shouldn’t be too bulky for smaller wrists.

The screen is a 1.1 inch LCD with a fairly low resolution of 218 x 218 pixels.

Suunto Peak 5 customizable design

Suunto 5 Peak features

The Tracking GPS has three power modes, with the standard Performance mode lasting 20 hours. Endurance mode offers 40 hours and Tour mode offers up to 100 hours.

Normal, enthusiastic runners will want to stick with the standard GPS mode for accuracy, and 20 hours isn’t too bad, which is on devices like the Forerunner 245.

There’s also a brand new feature called Burner, which attempts to estimate grams of fat and carbs burned during workouts, which can help guide post-workout fueling.

60 sports modes

The Suunto 5 Peak is not limited to running and offers 80 sport modes. And it features some of Suunto’s coolest software features.

the GPS tracking seamlessly integrates with 3D route finder of the society. You can get detailed directions from the wrist.

You will also have access to adaptive training programs.

Suunto Peak 5 gps map

Suunto Peak 5 gps map

Well-being functions

In addition, there are a multitude of wellness functions based on the cardiac frequency. We find :

  • the sleep tracking,
  • monitoring of stress
  • and an recovery estimate and readiness, like the ones we’ve seen on the Fitbit, Whoop, and Oura Ring devices.

It is also possible to listen to musicbut via MP3 files rather than streaming services.

Suunto 5 Peak price and release date

Its price is 299 dollars, which places it alongside the Polar Vantage M2 and the Garmin Forerunner 245, and below the Polar Grit X, a natural competitor.

It is currently open for pre-order. But the availability in Europe will start on February 1 and the release will be wider in spring 2022.

The current range of the Peak series

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